MB BP1: Website Planning documents

Site Plan


Page Layout Example



SM BP3: Website Proposal

Website Choice

The website I’m thinking of using is WordPress.com


I find this the easiest website to use as i know all the features there is to it. I have used this website many times before and i find that all the features that it has to use are simple and easy to use. I also find that the basic layouts that the website offers are simple, tidy and professional.

Content Of Site

My site will showcase the work i have produced as well as information about me such as an about me page and I will also add a copy of my CV and Personal Statement for employers in the future. I may also add in a gallery of images that showcase some of my other talents and opportunities.

Style Of Website

My website will be in a mix of formal and informal tone as it has to be professional looking. This means that i will also use a simple and easy to navigate layout and system that makes it simple for the reader to use.