MB BP2: Uploading And Showcasing

In my information section on my site, I decided to add in a page that contains a showcase of the work that I have produced in College and also outside of college. This section will be regularly updated to include new products that I create over time. This is so that my practical work can be easily shown to anybody that wants to view it.

Uploading the video




To allow the videos to be embedded onto my site, they first needed to be uploaded to YouTube. To do this I simply set up an account on YouTube and clicked the upload button in the top right corner. I then Selected the video file that I wanted to upload from my computer files and this began uploading. I then changed the settings to the correct way I required them to be and then waited for the video to upload. Once this had been done, I viewed the video and copied the web address as I needed it for the next part.

Adding the video to my showcase




To add the video to a page for a showcase, I first created a page and called it ‘Showcase’. I then used the copied web address I had copied from the YouTube video and pasted it to the page. I then typed in at the beginning and end of  the link. This is so that the video was embedded and then when the page is viewed on the site, the video appears so that it can be watched without having to use a link to YouTube to view the video.


SM BP4: Evaluation


I produced a proposal for this project  which I used throughout the duration of the time that I created the final project and completed the paper work. The Planning I created was effective to the project as it helped me get through the project easily and quickly, allowing me to complete the product to the deadline. I believe I could have managed my time better when it came to carrying out this project as I could have produced the work in more detail but had little time to complete it in. I didn’t come across any constraints when it came to the project as it was easy and simple and all created work by me. I think I could have planned my production a little better when it came to planning as I didn’t produce a large amount of planning sources so I had to plan some things when I got to them rather than already having them planned from the beginning.


For the research for this project, I produced two pieces of work as research sources for when it came to planning the final product. These pieces of work were evaluations of websites that I could use to produce my final product and also the issues that relate to the internet usage. These came from a variety of internet sources that I linked at the bottom of each piece of work. These sources were effective for researching what guidelines and rules that my website would have to abide by, and also helped me to decide which website would be best to use for the final project, and this is how I used my research findings. I could have possibly done more research into how each website works and what features they have on offer but this would have taken longer than I had to complete this. If I had done more of this research, I would have had a better knowledge of what each website has to offer as a creator and then made a better decision of picking the one that was most suitable to use. During the production, I produced a small amount of research later on about how the website I chose worked and more about how to write important things such as the CV and Personal Statement.

The Product

When setting the product up in September, it was a pretty easy task. First, I created the word press account and then chose a theme that was suitable to use and looked professional. I then personalised the site using images and a header image to reflect me. Over the time that I have used the blog for work, I have developed this site as I have created an easy menu layout to navigate the site and find posts easier. I have also changed the overall design of the wordpress site over time by changing the header image sometimes to reflect my mood but also the theme as i began to find that the design I had originally chosen didn’t work as well with the menus to the site, as they didn’t appear on the top of the page, they were in a side bar, so I found a more suitable theme to use.

I believe the product is fit for the purpose that it was created for as it showcases myself and my work on one easy and clear website. I also think that it follows all the appropriate codes and conventions that a website should have included in it. If any improvements could be made to make the product more fit for the purpose, it would be to simplify the layout a little more so the website is easy to navigate and posts are easy to find on each page. The overall technical quality of the product turned out to be a good standard product that was created to a specific aim correctly. I like the overall layout of the website and think that the menus are set up easily so that the website can be navigated easily and simply. If any parts could be improved, I think this could be done on the overall work as I don’t feel that the work is detailed enough and the About Me post could include a large amount of other information. During this project, many technical skills were developed. These were based around all the ways to set up a successful website that looks professional and has a simple layout that can easily be navigated. I have also developed skills in writing a CV and Personal Statement while doing this project. The target audience would appeal to the website I have creates as it showcases a large amount of skills and tells a lot about me, which is good for the target audience that I aim at. The simple layout and design of the website is also a contributing factor that I have planned for the product to be appealing for the target audience. Before production, I did’t conduct any audience research as everyone can see a website, but I designed the website for employers that want to see work thatI create, and this also showcases off my skills to them at the same time. I believe that the website adheres with the correct media and ethical guidelines that appear when creating a successful website.


If I was to do the project again, I would improve the work I did on each section, concentrating on the work more to finish it to the deadline that has been set. For the planning of the project, I would complete the planning in more detail and to a better standard, giving me a better help guide when it comes to completing the practical. This also applies to the research as I feel that I could have possibly done more research into the websites and there features and also how to use them correctly to a create a good quality website. This then effects the product as I could improve by using the research and planning I did to create the website to a better quality that is a high standard website and looks professional in the eyes of the audience.



Here is a selection of the products that I have produced on this course and in my free time. I will continue to update this section as I create more products in and out of college.


SUFC Project

Sins Project

Sound Project

The Meeting

Camera Shot Practice







Personal Statement

First of all, my name is Adam Widdowson. I’m a pretty average, polite, kind and caring person who attempts everything that is given to me. I enjoy being subjectified as a geek as I have a love for things such as sci-fi TV and films, Comic Books and Collectibles. This aspect of me is what led me to choose media as a subject in school and college.  I currently attend Hillsborough College doing a Level 3 course for Media- Video, Post-production and Special Effects, which I am enjoying learning the different skills I need to advance in my career choices.

Throughout my education, it has been a tough time for me because of my confidence issues, so I didn’t necessarily work well in teams or make friends and I preferred to stay and work on my own at the start of my secondary school life. I set myself to focus on the task and I worried a lot that I wasn’t doing things right. As the years have progressed, my confidence issues have lifted and I have changed significantly. I am more confident and able to work in teams and groups and I have been able to make friends along the way. This is while I stay focused on the task set and I don’t socially do much until I have finished the work I have started. This is how I stay focused and work well to get things done to a high standard and to a deadline. I put my determination into the tasks that are set and I try and complete them within the deadline.

My personality is kind, caring, friendly, trustworthy, focused, confident and a smart. I don’t like to brag about things as I consider other people’s feelings and thoughts about me. I am friendly towards anyone but to the people I call friends and family, I am more kind and considerate and I put their problems and happiness before my own as I find happiness knowing that they are happy and that nothing is bothering them. If someone is feeling down I can automatically realise this and I see if I can help out with anything. If I can then I try and help them to sort it out so I listen to them and show that they can trust me and then I help them so that they are happy again. If I am down I try and hide my feelings from them but if I feel I can truly trust them, then I will open up and let them help me. This has always been a part of me since I was very young. I am also mature and raring to learn whatever I can as I believe that even when finishing education, we learn something every day and we are constantly learning throughout our lives.

I have become more confident and I am able to project myself a lot more. My personality is also projected a lot more outside of working. I am a geeky person so I enjoy sci-fi and comic book shows like Doctor Who and Batman. I also collect many things that are to do with the things that I like and these are the things that motivate me every day. I enjoy any forms of media and this is why I have chosen to do this as a subject  in college.

In the future I would like to set up and run my own business that sells novelty and collectable items. I think I would be good at this because, as I have found from the last two years doing business as a subject, I have a good knowledge of the business world and I believe this knowledge would be very helpful and good to use, which is why I want my own business. I would like to tie this in with a YouTube channel that covers a variety of subjects. This is because YouTube has been a big dream of mine and most of my inspirations are You Tubers, also YouTube has become a big job opportunity in recent years. I think I will be good at this because I have grown my confidence and I have a good knowledge about YouTube. I also have a good set of skills for creating videos and how to edit them together. I also have a dream to move to America in the future as this is where I think my business/ YouTube career will be best suited as most YouTube corporations are American.

About Me

Hi, my name is Adam Widdowson.

I’m a mega-geek that loves everything from TV to Film to Video-games to Music and I also love to drink coffee, especially Starbucks. The collage above shows some of the things I like in life, from my inspirations to my friends, they all make things in life seem bright.

Most of my time is spent watching TV or Films, especially Netflix to watch things such as Gotham and Doctor Who. I also tend to be listening to music, mostly rock such as The Killers, Watching YouTube, mostly Charles Trippy and Shaycarl, and reading a lot of books. I like to also write plots and scripts for short films and also writing my own story’s and novels, as well as designing houses and buildings. I also enjoy editing pictures and videos in my spare time.

I’m quiet and shy but once I get to know people, I build in confidence and find myself talking at meeting new people.This is something I want to work on in college so that i can hopefully make new friends and be confident in front of people.

I enjoy building and developing my skills in many different things, but mostly in the media forms. This is to help me when it comes to my future job options as i wanted to work in the media by setting up my own YouTube tie in business, as well as working on many other films and TV Shows as a director, writer or producer.

SM BP3: Website Proposal

Website Choice

The website I’m thinking of using is WordPress.com


I find this the easiest website to use as i know all the features there is to it. I have used this website many times before and i find that all the features that it has to use are simple and easy to use. I also find that the basic layouts that the website offers are simple, tidy and professional.

Content Of Site

My site will showcase the work i have produced as well as information about me such as an about me page and I will also add a copy of my CV and Personal Statement for employers in the future. I may also add in a gallery of images that showcase some of my other talents and opportunities.

Style Of Website

My website will be in a mix of formal and informal tone as it has to be professional looking. This means that i will also use a simple and easy to navigate layout and system that makes it simple for the reader to use.

SM BP1: Issues relating to internet usage

Main issues relating to general internet usage

  1. Cyberbullying- Cyberbullying is a big issue as some people on the internet generally feel the need to bully other people for various reasons. This use of the internet can effect anyone in different ways, across different platforms, leading to problems for a range of people. The victim of cyberbullying can be any age, but the main risks are young children and teens, who are pressured by people online over different platforms, creating problems for them and others around them if things get out of hand.
  2. Propaganda- This is an issue as the internet is one of the main and most used media sources in current times. Anything on the internet can be used as a means to influence and change a persons opinion on a certain subject matter. This is shown in recent times with terrorism becoming a major problem in the world and some propaganda is reaching and changing peoples opinions over the internet.
  3. Pop-up ads- These ads are issues for many reasons on the internet. One reason is that the ads could contain viruses and spam that can corrupt a persons device if they are clicked on as the ads that are online aren’t always reliable and legal, they also could take money away from the user with just one click. Another reason is that they can contain advertisements for explicit content that isn’t aimed at children, although they can appear on any website and a child could find and access these adverts. The final reason is that they pop-up frequently on any device and annoy the user, which can also cause the device to freeze if constant ads keep appearing.
  4. Privacy-One of the biggest issues on the internet is privacy. The things that people post and upload to the internet can be viewed by anyone as they are online and worldwide, meaning that private things in your life could be found and viewed by anyone around the world. This means that any content that you share should be thought about before being posted, as people will be able to find and view these items and use them against you at their will. Even if you have privacy settings set or you delete something you posted, people can still find a way to access the things that you have posted on your parts of the internet.

Dangers of the internet video

The rapid changes to society and the internet is fast, meaning that more and more people began to use the internet fast. The amount of users increased from 1% of the population to three billion in twenty years.

We are addicted to the internet. We use the internet more than we make interactions in real life, as we constantly check the internet and avoid human interactions, and use what the internet has to offer for a large amount of our daily time.

There’s also a large amount of content on the internet on offer- a large amount of content is posted daily on the internet. Facebook users share 2.5 million amounts of content a minute, Tweets are posted 300,000 times a minute, YouTube has 72 hours of video a minute uploaded, 200 million emails are sent a minute and 50,000 apps a minute are downloaded on apple. 5 exabytes of content is created every two days. Google makes 2.5 billion searches every day. Our attention is made towards sponsored sites when we make one of these searches.

Privacy is constantly under threat as cookies and phones keep track of every movement we make in real time and online. Every year, £5000 of data is created on the internet, which is sold to companies and stored together to keep a track on our lives. Facebook knows things before people in your life does. 70% of people fear how much has already been shared on the internet, allowing people to be scared if someone or some company is spying on them.

Online crime is becoming out of control. Normal crime rates are falling against the amount of internet crimes that are being made. 69% of young people in the UK alone have experienced cyberbullying.

The internet is meaning that we are less likely to interact deeply with people and remain emotionally connected to real life people, keep our critical faculties alive, to stop thinking that the answers always lie ‘out there’ and are always on the internet to be answered and to make the discoveries that come when we are bored and letting our minds lie.

Social Media Issues

The main issues with social media are:


-Cat fishing


-Pop-up ads





Legal and Ethical issues

Privacy- global phenomanon means its hard to regulate it, means sometimes national laws and regulations can’t be applied to all websites that have.

Defamation-  This means you can say something about someone, and if that person says its not true, then the person can fine the person that made the comment.

Anti-terrorist- your not supposed to be promoting terrorism using the internet

All laws can’t easily be applied to all websites, such as a law in the UK cant apply to one in another country.

Cybercrime can’t be prosecuted when the issue spans across the globe and identity can not be proved to be correct for a person.




SM BP2: Evaluation of a range of websites



Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.07.50

Tumblr is a microblogging platform and social networking website founded by David Karp and owned by Yahoo! Inc. The service allows users to post multimedia and other content to a short-form blog.

Advantages: Easy layout to find items, simple and easy posts to read, good search tool to find what you are looking for.

Disadvantages: Posts can’t be as long as you would want them to be. Doesn’t allow the layout to be changed and menus to be created.




Instagram is an online mobile Photo-Sharing, Video-Sharing, and Social-Networking service that enables its users to take pictures and videos, and share them on a variety of social networking platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. The maximum duration for Instagram videos is 15 seconds.

Advantages: Simple layout. Easy to follow and find the things you’re looking for. Long descriptions can be made on posts. Comments are easy to make.

Disadvantages: Doesn’t allow long videos to be posted, a mobile only service, no layout change to a page, no menus so its hard to find old posts, videos that are posted can only be short.



Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.12.34

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system(CMS) based on PHP and MySQL. WordPress is installed on a web server, which either is part of an internet hosting service or is a network host itself; the first case may be on a service like WordPress.com, for example, and the second case is a computer running the software package WordPress.org. An example of the second case is a local computer configured to act as its own web server hosting WordPress for single-user testing or learning purposes. Features include a plugin architecture and a template system. WordPress was used by more than 23.3% of the top 10 million websites as of January 2015. WordPress is the most popular blogging system in use on the Web, at more than 60 million websites.

Advantages: Posts are blogs so they can be as long as you like, can customise all settings of your page, can create well laid out menus to structure things. Easy features to set a simple layout. Any media can be used on the posts.

Disadvantages: Not easy to create all menus to order and structure the more advanced parts of the site, limited amount of features to work with.



Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.15.20

Wattpad is a writing community in which users are able to post articles, stories, fan-fiction, and poems, either through the website or the mobile app. This gives people the chance to have their creative works available to a wider audience. The content includes work by undiscovered writers, published writers, new writers, with all users being given an equal chance to write popular works. Users are able to comment and like stories or join groups associated with the website.

Advantages: Able to post any form of media on the site, the website is made for text so anything and any amount can be written, easy structure and layout.

Disadvantages: Is mainly made for writers and authors, can’t post documents to the posts, posts are in the form of a novel chapter, limited amount of features to work with, not much customisation for the overall look of the site to make it look appealing.



Screen Shot 2016-01-22 at 11.18.28

YouTube is a video-sharing website headquartered in San Bruno, California, United States. The service was created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005. In November 2006, it was bought by Google for US$1.65 billion. YouTube now operates as one of Google’s Subsidaries. The site allows users to upload, view, rate, share and comment on videos, and it makes use of WebM, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and Adobe FlashVideo technology to display a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media video.

Advantages: Can post any videos to the site for people to see, can be used to link in to other sites posts, a description can be added, comments can be made on the post, easily accessible to anyone, easy layout.

Disadvantages: Not as structured as other websites as they aren’t posts with text, page cant be styled or ordered in a simple and easy way, no still images can be used as they have to be videos.




Site: https://www.tumblr.com/explore/trending

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Site: https://www.instagram.com

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Site: https://wordpress.com

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Site: https://www.wattpad.com

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Site: https://www.youtube.com

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