MB U6 BP5: Experimentation

For this project, I produced a varied range of experimentation and practices to test my ideas for the final product. Some of these experiments I used in the final piece and some of these didn’t as they didn’t work correctly for the idea that I had in mind.


Background Experiment

At the beginning of the project, I produced an idea for the background of the product. This idea was to have the sins and virtues fading in and out as the contents of the sequence rolled on in front of this. This was made simply in After Effects. I first created all the text and placed it at the points I wanted it to be. I then used the Key frames at different points on the timeline of the sequence and adjusted the opacity from 0 to 100 and then back to 0 a few times through the sequence to create the fading effect.

I decided not to use this idea as, although the finished version looks good, I didn’t think it was as good looking as I had originally planned. Also, the text meant that some of the other text that I would have on the video, like the actors names, wouldn’t stand out or be seen because of the text mixing together. This is why I decided on using a plain black background and adding an overlay to the video when appropriate, such as for the titles.



Also at the beginning of the project, I produced an experiment of my logo and what effect it would have at the end of the video. I first created the final logo in Photoshop using the assets I had created earlier on for another purpose but thought that this would be the best fit for them to be used. I then used After Effects to make the logo shrink into shot. I did this by using key frames and setting the point where the logo would reach the center of the screen and be fully seen, then added another key frame and enlarged the logo to be bigger than the screen, which them meant that the logo would shrink down to the size that had already been set when the sequence was played.

I used this logo that I had created in my final product as it worked well and the experimentation turned out to be a success that I had imagined it to be. I put the logo onto a green background that meant I could easily add it onto my video later on, adding in a overlay background since the background example didn’t initially work the way I wanted as this would have been used behind the logo.


This was the biggest part of my experimentation that I spent a few short weeks on. My initial idea was to have newspapers that depicted the story of the series that opening sequence was for. They would include a story line, which would hint at the story line of the episode and also they would interpret and infer the sins, punishments and virtues inside the text. I first created the newspapers using Photoshop and PowerPoint, leaving a space where I intended to include the videos I would record. I then used After Effects to try and add in the recorded videos to the spaces that I had designated. The idea behind them seemed a good idea but when adding in the videos to the newspapers, this idea didn’t seem effective as the videos couldn’t be seen as well.This is what lead to me deciding to scrap the idea and create the newspapers with just still images in the spaces where the videos would have been and then add the videos at the side of the newspapers on the final product to give a visual with the newspapers.I used the full newspapers and added them next to the videos on a timeline to test the quality of the idea. The newspapers had white background originally and these looked odd when put into the video as they had no animation to them whilst the video was moving.

Paper 1

This is what lead me to experiment with another idea I had. I saved all the parts of the newspaper’s as assets and then used the features in After Effects to animate the assets in different ways, allowing them to scroll in and fade out as the sequence went on. I used a black background for these so they blended in with the background I used on the video. I then added these into the sequence I had already created and played the video back. This idea worked better for  the product as the newspapers were now animated and didn’t seem to be in an odd place compared to the rest of the product. The only problem that occurred with these is when exported, the newspapers were sped up and weren’t able to be seen in time as the product quickly moved to the next scene, which is an improvement that could be made.