AB BP3: Proposal for Melies Film

Title of film: Kulfi-L’Homme a la tete de caoutchouc [The man with the rubber head]

Duration: 2:30

Synopsis: in a lab, a doctor or chemist places a head onto a table. He fixes the head to a rubber tube and fills the head with air from a pair of bellows. The head increases in size and continues until it grows to a large height. The person then fears of the head bursting, deflates it to the original size it was. He then calls his assistant and informs him of the discovery he made. The assistant experiments with the head and enlarges the head till it bursts and knocks the two down. The final scene is the chemist kicking his assistant from the lab in anger of the damage he caused.

Treatment: I am thinking of producing this as a comedic style piece as this is the main genre of the short film. This would mean adding in sound effects that are humorous and add a comedic tone throughout the film, especially when the head is expanding and bursting.

Equipment: Marantz kit, directional mic, sound booth


Deadline is 29th February 2016

11.01.16          Select film and complete spotting sheet

Write proposal and plan schedule

18.01.16          Begin to prep sound effects and set up

film in Audition or Garage Band

25.01.16          Work on project-recording and editing

01.02.16          work on project-recording and editing

08.02.16          Blogposts and catch up

[Half term]

15.02.16          Work on project-recording and editing

22.02.16          Work on project-recording and editing

Finish off work

29.03.16 Hand in week (review week)