Unit 12: Task 3 [12.3.1 12.3.2]

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Science Fiction Cinema Narrative Essay

This is the final essay for the project. I evaluate three defining films in the Science Fiction genre, going through the decades from the early films to the most recent releases. I also included my bibliography at the bottom of the document.

Practical Experiment

This is the film concept presentation for an original idea I came up with for the practical experiment. I gave a brief description of the plot, characters and locations, as well as some other relevant information.

Practical Experiment Feedback

This is the feedback I gathered from three members of the target audience. I asked them five relevant questions regarding their thoughts on my concept to see if it was successful as an experiment and if my research provided me with any achievements in writing.


Unit 12: Literature Review [12.2.1 12.2.2]

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Literature Review

This is my full literature review for this project. I document the pros and cons of the main sources I have chosen to use and how effective they will be to my final essay. I have also fully referenced all the sources at the bottom of the document.

Unit 12: Task 1 [12.1.1 12.1.2]

Essay Proposal

This is the proposal I wrote up for the essay I will produce. I have decided to write the essay about the narrative styles in Sci-Fi films, focusing mostly on the Star Wars franchise and comparing it to other films of the genre. This proposal outlined my area of investigation, the research I intend to carry out, the practical experiment I will create and how this will help me develop as a filmmaker.


Genre: Sci-Fi

1. Narrative in Sci-Fi stories and how its changed over the years including                    Conventions
2. Special Effects In Sci-Fi Films and How theyve changed, If theyve gotten better or worse


Links and Inspirations
IMDB Highest Rated Sci-Fi Films
Star Wars [1977-Present]

Back To The Future [1985, 1989, 1990]

ET [1982]

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind [1977]

2001: a space odyssey [1968]
Alien [1979]
Walle [2008]
Guardians Of The Galaxy [2014]
Star Trek [2009]
The Iron Giant [1999]
Avatar [2009]

The War Of The Worlds [1953, 2005]
The Time Machine [1960]
Forbidden Planet [1956]
RoboCop [1987]
Westworld [1973]