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For my portfolio, I decided to use Wix as this is the best website creator I found. My site has a range of features added to make it a successful digital portfolio for me to use. For the welcome page, I used a simple video background, while the text has a link to the home page. On the home page, there is a drop down menu, as there is on all pages, that links to all the other pages on the site, as can be seen in the screenshots. I used three sections in my menu, personal information, containing my CV, Personal Statement, etc., a showreel section, showing my video, photography and writing work, and a section to contact. In the contact section, I added my email and Facebook, as well as a contact box for easier contact. At the bottom of each page, I have included links to social networking that I will set up soon.


Evaluation Of Porfolios

PDF- Evaluation Of Portfolios

As I will be creating a digital portfolio to showcase me and my work, I first did some research into some of the potential sites. After looking through various examples on sites, such as LinkedIn, I narrowed my choices down to two. These were WordPress and Wix which are both easy and simple web designers with many similarities and differences.

WordPress is primarily known as a site for Blogs. For this choice to work as a professional Digital Portfolio, I would use the blog features to create a website to showcase myself. I could use the page’s function to create and publish the content I need, which is my information, a showcase of my work, and my contact information. Although this site would work for most purpose, a lot of the features are minimal so there wouldn’t be much creative freedom I can use to make the site look professional and less like a blog. Also the layout tends to be set in a simple way, so things couldn’t be laid out in a different way to what they suggest, which is downfall for the showcase section as including videos and images on the same page would mean that to be viewable, they would have to be large and couldn’t be laid out beside each other. Also, although there is a section where comments can be made at the bottom of each page, there is no box that can be added to send private contacts straight to my personal email.

I felt that this site was better for creating a professional looking digital portfolio. There is the downfall that there are banners that can’t be deleted unless you pay a price unlike on WordPress which only has a small button to do this, but this website creator had a range of better features. The layout of the site is completely under my control, meaning I can create a creative site that matches the personality of my work and me. I can also easily use the many features on offer to add in different items to the site, such as a simple drop down menu that links to the many pages, social network links, images and text that can be laid out in any way, and PDF’s that can be linked into any page. The creator is also good for the showcase, which is the most important part of a digital media portfolio. Using this site, I was able to move around, resize and place my videos anywhere on the page. They are also free to be imbedded from YouTube, allowing for a larger size video to be added. For images, there are many gallery layouts that can be used to create a professional looking gallery of my work. This is one of the best features of the site that differed from WordPress. I also like the contact features, as on a page, you can add a contact box that allows the user of the website to send an email straight from the website.

Overall, I feel I will use Wix to create my digital portfolio over WordPress as I feel this has better features that I can use to create a professional and creative looking site to showcase me and my work. The site was easier to use than WordPress as well, which make things simpler when creating the site.

Personal Statement

PDF- Personal Statement

I have a passion for filmmaking and the world of the media, this is what has motivated me to study this course as I hope to make a career as a filmmaker, possibly as a script/screen writer or a director. My interest in the media and filmmaking developed from a young age where I would watch films with my Granddad, specifically Wallace and Gromit: A Grand Day Out by Aardman. From this stage I began to watch more and more films and become interested in the behind the scenes of the films, which lead me to become interested in a career in this. I believe I am right for this opportunity as I am passionate and enthusiastic about the world of filmmaking and I have many ideas already planned for short films to work on. I have already researched well into the profession of screen/script writing and directing that I am interested in and I feel with the right start, I believe I can achieve a job role in the filmmaking world. I am prepared to learn new things that will benefit my career choice. On top of the Level 3 Video, Post-production and Special Effects Course I have been doing in Hillsborough College, where I have learnt many skills and produced a series of products, including a short film, a music video and a background for football players and Sheffield United, I have also pursued my interests outside of the classroom. I have done a large amount of reading into professional film production through such things as books, Blogs and websites. I have also looked into the behind the scenes on a selection of films, watching documentaries with the crew. I am particularly interested in anything to do with a director or studio, which is why I have watched interviews and documentaries with Tim Burton, my most influential director, and Aardman Studios. I also listen to podcasts on a regular basis to do with media production. I have also built my skills in editing software such as Adobe After Effects and Filmora, with cameras and lighting. I have built these skills through creating short films to extend my knowledge of kit and software. and also with pre-production document writing, specifically script writing. I have also built and developed many transferable skills both in and outside of education. I have an excellent time management, as I have been able to work to many tight deadlines and get the work in before it is due, leaving me time to check and improve the work if needs be. I also have excellent leadership skills which has shown throughout my education, where I have been able to lead small teams to create engaging and successful products, where I also built and demonstrated my communication and listening skills. Other skills I have developed include researching, which I have done a lot of to prepare for the career path I would like to go down, Motivation, which I have grown a lot over the past four years as I have learnt more about the media careers, and prioritisation skills, as I have had to prioritise some things over others to achieve my goals in this career and course. I am generally a polite, kind, caring and trustworthy person who is friendly to all. I consider other people’s feelings on top of my own, especially those who are friends, as I tend to want to put their problems and happiness before my own. If I find someone struggling or feeling down, I can automatically recognise this and try my best to help in any way I can. This has been a factor of me since I was very young, and I continue to mature and learn every day. In my free time, I enjoy reading, writing, watching films and TV, listening to music and playing videogames. I am found to be doing any of these things when I’m free as this is a way I can relax and stay calm, allowing me to work harder and to a more successful standard. I am very interested in Sci-fi and fantasy films, TV, comic books, collectibles etc. as I was introduced to these at a young age and they have stuck with me ever since. I also enjoy short films and I like to write my own, which is a large influence in choosing this course. After education, I am hoping to become a successful director/writer of short films as this has been my passion for a long time. I feel that I have some good ideas and this will be a fun and interesting life to lead. As I am heavily influenced by YouTube and it has been a big dream of mine for many years, I would like to use the platform in my career and set up a business that ties with this, to create a series of channels to showcase the many ideas I have. I will also use this business for my short films and for merchandise. This has been successfully done through YouTube before by channels such as Smosh and PhillipDefranco. YouTube has now become a recognised job opportunity and I feel I will be successful at this as it will grow my confidence, allow me to use my skills I have developed and I have a good knowledge of the workings of the platform. I also would like to move to America as this has always been the place I feel I would fit in with my career. As I enjoy creative writing and tend to do this in most of my free time, I aspire to be a successfully published author, as I can create works that I turn into films.

Fact File-General

PDF- Fact File-General



U11: Post 3 Mock Interviews [11.2.1 11.3.1]

For the final task of Unit 11, I participated in a mock interview for a Job/Course. The interview went quiet well, although I did have some weaknesses. The interview was about a university course I could possibly apply for in the future with Margret Watford.

I was strong in answering and discussing the questions I was asked, such as where I would like to be in 5 years’ time. I also had a strong CV to show off me and my skills. I was also told that I was passionate in my future plans and this gives me a strong advantage in achieving those plans.

In terms of my weaknesses, I was told that my posture was very hunched and unprofessional and I was very nervous, which I identified as soon as I sat down as my anxiety began to kick in. I also didn’t prepare a way to show my online work, which is something I need to remember for the future.

Despite these points, I feel the mock interview was successful in highlighting the issues I need to work on to be ready for a real job interview.