Research Portfolio [13.2.1 13.2.2 13.7.1]

[Click on Highlighted For PDF’s of Work]

Personal Research

This is the first section of research I completed. It is my own primary research on each section of my film to help determine what I will need to further research in preparation for my production.

Location Shots

These are a small number of shots I gathered of the locations I will use in my film. As I am aiming to use a small number of locations, there is only a few shots of each location, as these will give the general idea of the locations.


This is the questionnaire I created and asked a small portion of the target audience to complete. I designed these questions to benefit me in finding out what the audience want from my product, and why they would view my product based on what they want. From finding out this information, I can use this throughout the rest of my research and production, up until the very end of the project.

Influence Research

This a brief descriptive document I put together which describes the influences I’ve had as a filmmaker and also for this project. The narrative of my film is my own idea, but different sources have influenced the way things in this project flow, look and act, and also have proven to be major influences to my own career ideas and to my role and style as a budding filmmaker.

Distribution Plan

In this document, I discuss my research into ways to distribute my film and then I go on to explain my two plans in which I will use to distribute my film. I carried on this document from a previous unit as it is relevant to the project I am doing now.

How to get noticed on YouTube

In this document, I shortly describe what features my main platform for showcasing my film, YouTube, has to offer so that I can bring in an audience and help the audience find my film amongst the other ones that are on the platform.


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