Production & Experimentation [13.3.1 13.2.2 13.4.1 13.5.1]

[Click on Highlighted For PDF’s of Work]


This is the screenplay for my production. This is the main document I will use for my production when it comes to filming. I may make some small changes to this between now and the time I come to fully filming the product.

Shot List

This is shot list I produced for my production. It allows me to see what the estimated time length for each shot will be, what will be in the shot, where the shot will be, and give me any other notes I need for each shot. This will be useful throughout the production so that I can make sure I follow my timings properly and make sure each shot is how I visualised it.

Job List

In this document, I outline all the jobs that need to be done in the production, and what job roles the crew will be responsible for. It will be easy to work from this as I can look at this and work on finishing jobs on time.

Call Sheet

This is the call sheet document that keeps all my crew details together for the production. I can use this document when I need to contact any of my crew and make plans for the production.

Risk Assessment

This risk assessment is the document that assesses the locations I will film at to keep my crew safe and keep the production running smoothly. I will use this throughout the production to keep everyone safe and make sure the locations are useable.


This is the experimentation I did for the project before I made the final film. I feel this helped me to finish the project to a better standard by testing out some little things I thought id like to put in e.g. effects, sound. The video I linked above was originally in the document, and is a short piece of experimentation I made for the portal effect, as I wasn’t sure how it would turn out.


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