Reflective Journal [13.6.1 13.6.2]

Week 1: 27/02/17 – 05/03/17

This was the first week of the final project. As it is the early stages, I began by writing up my Contexts and Critical Perspectives document. In this, I gave a detailed explanation of why I am making my film and what purpose the film has, to raise awareness about mental health issues and to explore my own artistic abilities. I also stated where I could screen my film once it has been completed, by potentially entering it into a competition or by giving it a digital premier on an online platform. This document has proved useful in the early stages of thinking about the purpose of the film I will produce, as I will find this useful with the pre-production stage of the project. I will also refer to this at the end of the project when deciding where to showcase my final film, as I can use the ideas I have already mentioned to decide what to do with it upon completion.

In this week, I also wrote up my proposal for the project. This consisted of three sections. In the first section, the rationale, I evaluated the skills I have built over the past 12 units and described how it has influenced my final project and how it will help shape and create the final product. In the second section, the project concept, I gave detail on my own ideas for the product, any equipment I will use, any filming locations I need to think about and how I will use feedback and I will use and do independent research throughout the duration of the project. I will use this proposal throughout the project to keep track of all my ideas and reasoning for the project, as well as making sure I stick to what I wanted to originally create.

The final piece of work I completed this week was the action plan. It is a document to keep track of the work I will be doing and when I will complete it. This will give me a clear layout of what I need to complete and when I will do it, which will prove useful throughout the project, as I will use this to keep track of the work that I’m doing and how I can complete it before the deadline.

Week 2: 06/03/17 – 12/03/17

This week was a marking week so I spent the time completing some research outside of college. I decided to look at locations I could use for the production, which proved useful as I found some easy access locations that require no major permission to use. I also spent some time this week looking for research sources to use for the next stage of my production, which although I found a small number of useful sources, was useful in finding out how I may need to leave more time for research, which means I should change my action plan to reflect this.

Week 3: 13/03/17 – 19/03/17

In this week, I began to look for more useful sources of research, and also plan what my research will consist of, although I took a break from this research after a short while as I started to become stressed. As this was the case, I moved on to working on my planning for the main section of the project. I began by working on my script, which I will use most throughout the whole production, I will carry on with this script writing until the filming stage and complete the research section in the next coming weeks.

Week 4: 20/03/17 – 26/03/17

In this week, I carried on looking into my research and planning what it would be and how I would gather it together. I eventually decided to do some small research into a variety of sections, including locations, narrative, mise en scene, colour schemes and visuals. I also planned on my other research such as, for primary research, I will conduct a questionnaire to gather audience ideas and feedback, take some practice stills of the locations and experiment with different techniques relevant to the project.

In this week, I also progressed with my script. This is a work in progress but should be completed soon, ready to be used for pre-production and filming.

Week 5: 27/03/17 – 02/04/17

I struggled a little through this week as I honestly started to lose interest in the project for the stress that it is causing me, which lead me to take a few days off due to illness and to relax.

In the first two days of the week, I continued with my research section. I carried on with my Personal Research that contains all the sections of my film. I completed this document, and I feel that it will help me to conduct further research into different sections of my film, such as my audience, and will also help me when it comes to the production stage, as I will have this document as a detailed guide to my personal wants from this project.

I also wrote up some questions ready to be made into a questionnaire, which I will do next week and ask a number of my target audience to answer. This will then allow me to complete some other primary and secondary research, based on my and my audiences wants and needs from this film.

Week 6: 03/04/17 – 09/04/17

For this week, I worked on completing my script and a part of my shot list. This was a simple week of work, that I spent writing the script to a standard that I liked. I managed to visualise and write down my ideas for this project into a story form,  that I can use to create the product when it comes to it. I will save this and send it to my actors, and use it when it comes to the filming stages.

Week 7: 10/04/17 – 16/04/17

This was the first week of the Easter holidays. I had little time to work on the project so I decided to take a break and gather my thoughts with the project. I am feeling very stressed with this unit and this project and I’m not sure what to do at this point.

Week 8: 17/04/17 – 23/04/17

This week is the second week of the Easter holidays. I had a lot to do so I again had a break from the work to calm down and destress. I began to have doubts about this project after this week, but I will be back to working next week.

Week 9: 24/04/17 – 30/04/17

This week sees me return to the project. I made some edits to my script to perfect it to the standard I want, ready for me to film, as I felt I needed to reflect and change the script to change and perfect the script to be a viewable product. I also worked on my shot list in this week so that I had my main two documents ready for production. This means that I am ready to film at any point as these will be my main two documents that get me through the production stage.

Week 10: 01/05/17 – 07/05/17

In this week I completed many of the pre-production documents I need to continue with the project. I first completed my risk assessment of the locations I will record at. In this document I assessed the risks I will face at the locations I will film at, which will be helpful when it comes to production as I will have to keep my crew safe while getting the shots I want. I also completed my call sheet for the crew to make sure I have all the contact info I need for each member of my crew, which will be helpful if I need to contact a member of the cast when it comes to the production. The final document I completed for the project  was the job list, where I documented all the jobs that need completing and who will do them. This will be helpful when it comes to the production as things wont be as stressful when it comes to the production stage.

Week 11: 08/05/17 – 14/05/17

In this week, I took a little break from the work as I had a lot to do in my personal life. But I did make some edits to my shot list to include a variety of different shots that make it more interesting and don’t seem basic as they did before. I also made some plans on when to film but this didn’t go to plan, which was a downfall to the production but there is still time to make it.

Week 12: 15/05/17 – 21/05/17

In this week I finished off the documents I needed for the production stage. This being making a few tweaks to my script and finishing off my shot list. I will be using these for the main section of my production, throughout all the filming next week. A downfall I met in this week is that I wasn’t able to film with my actors which takes some time away from the production, but I will be filming on Monday, so I will still have time to film and edit before the deadline.

Week 13: 22/05/17 – 28/05/17

In this week, I began the post-production section of my project. I got my actors together and filmed at all the locations I decided on. Overall, I feel this week went well despite the few problems I encountered along the way.
In terms of problem solving for this week, I ran into a few issues along the way which had to be worked around and sorted. First of all, I had some issues with equipment as the kits I had booked out were put together from spares as the sets I had booked out hadn’t been returned on time. This meant that the equipment was moderately broken, especially the sound equipment but I managed to work with it to record my sound.
I also had an issue with my crew as someone had to pull out last minute due to other issues, which left me to work the camera and audio on my own, which wasn’t too much of an issue as I easily manned all roles on my own for this production.
The other issues I had with filming came to the locations, as many of them were in public so at times members of the public where in the area and we had to wait to film, which wasn’t too much of an issue and was easily able to be worked around.

Week 14: 29/05/17 – 04/06/17

In this week, I completed the post-production stage of my project. I found this week to be the toughest week of my production so far. I have struggled with putting together and completing the film, not just throughout the whole project, but in this week whilst editing as I have become very stressed with the issues I have faced.
In terms of Problem Solving I have faced many within post-production. I first faced issues with my footage and audio as it appeared to be missing shots that I had filmed and parts of the footage I had were cut earlier than I had hoped or remembered, which meant that I had to take these shots out of the edit, which I was able to overcome by changing the edits from my original plan. Another issue I faced was to do with the editing software, as it has been updating to a newer version so it would crash now and again due to the output of work I was doing, but I easily worked around this issue by constantly saving and waiting for the program to respond. I also had issues with matching the I recorded on the kit to the visuals I had, as there was a little difference between the timing of the audio and the visuals that matched. Some other small issues were to do with the special effects I had planned to use, as I had them saved from the previous shoot, but the updated version of the software deleted it and the parts I used to make it, so I had to find an alternative which worked just as well but didn’t look as effective as I had wanted it to be.

Week 15: 05/06/17 – 09/06/17

This was the final week of the project. After the amounts of work I have done in the past few weeks, I feel this week was one of the easiest I’ve had in a while. The main piece of work I produced in this week was the evaluation piece, in which I critically evaluated the entirety of my project and talked about feedback I gathered from the screening of my film. This was a critical ending to the project as I was able to look back on the work I have produced and evaluate its effectiveness and purpose from what I originally planned to the final product. I also looked over all my work I have produced in the last few months to make sure I have finished everything to the deadline.


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