Proposal [13.1.1 13.1.2]

[Click on Highlighted For PDF’s of Work]

Contexts and Critical Perspectives

In this document, I discuss the reasons why I think my film should be made and why I particularly want to make it, such as to raise social awareness around an issue and to experiment with my own skills in filmmaking. I also discuss where I will try and screen my film on its completion in a small paragraph, so I can plan on getting things ready for its screening.


In this proposal document, I completed three sections. In the first section, the rationale, I evaluated the skills I have built over the past 12 units and described how it has influenced my final project and how it will help shape and create the final product. In the second section, the project concept, I gave detail on my own ideas for the product, any equipment I will use, any filming locations I need to think about and how I will use feedback and I will use and do independent research throughout the duration of the project.

Action Plan and Timetable

This is my action plan and timetable for the duration of the project. It shows the time that I will spend completing the tasks that I need to before the deadline. I will look back and refer to this document throughout the process of completing this project and unit as it keeps me on track to complete the work in the time limit.


This is my bibliography document where I properly referenced all sources used in the Harvard format. This document will be useful to show the sources I used for help and research.


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