Evaluation Of Porfolios

PDF- Evaluation Of Portfolios

As I will be creating a digital portfolio to showcase me and my work, I first did some research into some of the potential sites. After looking through various examples on sites, such as LinkedIn, I narrowed my choices down to two. These were WordPress and Wix which are both easy and simple web designers with many similarities and differences.

WordPress is primarily known as a site for Blogs. For this choice to work as a professional Digital Portfolio, I would use the blog features to create a website to showcase myself. I could use the page’s function to create and publish the content I need, which is my information, a showcase of my work, and my contact information. Although this site would work for most purpose, a lot of the features are minimal so there wouldn’t be much creative freedom I can use to make the site look professional and less like a blog. Also the layout tends to be set in a simple way, so things couldn’t be laid out in a different way to what they suggest, which is downfall for the showcase section as including videos and images on the same page would mean that to be viewable, they would have to be large and couldn’t be laid out beside each other. Also, although there is a section where comments can be made at the bottom of each page, there is no box that can be added to send private contacts straight to my personal email.

I felt that this site was better for creating a professional looking digital portfolio. There is the downfall that there are banners that can’t be deleted unless you pay a price unlike on WordPress which only has a small button to do this, but this website creator had a range of better features. The layout of the site is completely under my control, meaning I can create a creative site that matches the personality of my work and me. I can also easily use the many features on offer to add in different items to the site, such as a simple drop down menu that links to the many pages, social network links, images and text that can be laid out in any way, and PDF’s that can be linked into any page. The creator is also good for the showcase, which is the most important part of a digital media portfolio. Using this site, I was able to move around, resize and place my videos anywhere on the page. They are also free to be imbedded from YouTube, allowing for a larger size video to be added. For images, there are many gallery layouts that can be used to create a professional looking gallery of my work. This is one of the best features of the site that differed from WordPress. I also like the contact features, as on a page, you can add a contact box that allows the user of the website to send an email straight from the website.

Overall, I feel I will use Wix to create my digital portfolio over WordPress as I feel this has better features that I can use to create a professional and creative looking site to showcase me and my work. The site was easier to use than WordPress as well, which make things simpler when creating the site.


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