U11: Post 3 Mock Interviews [11.2.1 11.3.1]

For the final task of Unit 11, I participated in a mock interview for a Job/Course. The interview went quiet well, although I did have some weaknesses. The interview was about a university course I could possibly apply for in the future with Margret Watford.

I was strong in answering and discussing the questions I was asked, such as where I would like to be in 5 years’ time. I also had a strong CV to show off me and my skills. I was also told that I was passionate in my future plans and this gives me a strong advantage in achieving those plans.

In terms of my weaknesses, I was told that my posture was very hunched and unprofessional and I was very nervous, which I identified as soon as I sat down as my anxiety began to kick in. I also didn’t prepare a way to show my online work, which is something I need to remember for the future.

Despite these points, I feel the mock interview was successful in highlighting the issues I need to work on to be ready for a real job interview.


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