Genre: Sci-Fi

1. Narrative in Sci-Fi stories and how its changed over the years including                    Conventions
2. Special Effects In Sci-Fi Films and How theyve changed, If theyve gotten better or worse


Links and Inspirations
IMDB Highest Rated Sci-Fi Films
Star Wars [1977-Present]

Back To The Future [1985, 1989, 1990]

ET [1982]

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind [1977]

2001: a space odyssey [1968]
Alien [1979]
Walle [2008]
Guardians Of The Galaxy [2014]
Star Trek [2009]
The Iron Giant [1999]
Avatar [2009]

The War Of The Worlds [1953, 2005]
The Time Machine [1960]
Forbidden Planet [1956]
RoboCop [1987]
Westworld [1973]


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