U10: Blog Post 2: Social Media Campaigns and Crowdfunding [10.2.1, 10.2.2]

[Click on Highlighted For PDF’s of Work]

Researching Social Media Campaigns

In this research, I looked into three successful campaigns on Indiegogo and evaluated them against many aspects. I looked at what they used to persuade contributors, what the strengths and weaknesses of the campaigns are and how they can improve and whether the target audience can be identified or not and whether they have been effectively targeted.

Planning My Initial Campaign

In this document, I talked about planning my campaign to advertise my short film to the target audience. I discussed a few sources and methods, such as campaigns from Facebook,  Indiegogo and Kick starter, and how successful these campaigns where, as well as how useful they are to me. I also showed some research to do with utilizing social networks, which was from a source describing how to successfully use social networking as a media campaign. I then finished by describing how I plan to create my campaign and then run it successfully to promote my short film.

My Campaign

In this document, I showed my campaigns for the short film I will be making on both Facebook and YouTube. I then discussed why I chose to use that platform and how I will use it to promote my film.

How I Intend To Distribute My Film And Why

In this document, I discuss my research into ways to distribute my film and then I go on to explain my two plans in which I will use to distribute my film in a premier style.


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