U10: Blog Post 1: Analyse and Research The Audience [10.1.1, 10.1.2]

[Click on Highlighted For PDF’s of Work]

EDEN Proposal

This is my Initial Idea for the Project. This includes description of the story, costume, locations, props and other parts of the production. I plan to refer to this document throughout the whole production time.

How Is An Audience Targeted

This is the research I did into how to successfully target an audience. I looked at professional methods of audience profiling, an excerpt of how to home in on a target audience, a summary of a an excerpt of utilizing social networks and a case study on the film John Carter.

Analysing And Researching Outlets To Reach My Audience

For this, I researched existing outlets that I will be able to use to showcase my product once finished. This included looking into websites such as YouTube and Vimeo. I also gave a summary of how my research has helped me decide where to showcase my film.

Analysis And Research Of The Target Audience

In this document, I outlined what I believe to be the target audience of my product and did some research into this audience which will help me when it comes to the production of the product as I will make it appropriate for the audience I have outlined here.

Focus Group

This is a small focus group I conducted to allow me to gather some research on the audiences views on short films of the contemporary fantasy genre in general and on to my own production around the narrative and character development. I will be able to use this later on when producing the film as I will use this to incorporate their views into my film to ensure it is a good quality to them.

Commissioning and Analytics

In this, I looked into methods of commissioning my film, first off looking at Channel 4’s method of commissioning unusual short films on their platforms. I then also looked at other production companies and what they do to commission films. I then look into the analytics on YouTube so that this research can help with the final film. I then emailed some other YouTubers for advice.

Crowdfunding Case Study Kickstarter

I looked into a case study on Kickstarter for ideas and inspiration for my own campaign as i progress. I looked in a lot of the persuasive and descriptive techniques on the film and the analytics behind the campaign, which helps me to create and run mine.


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