U10: PDF’s

[Click on Highlighted For PDF’s of Work]

Blog Post 1 [10.1.1 10.1.2]

Initial Idea: EDEN Proposal

Week 1: How Is An Audience Targeted

Week 2: Analysing And Researching Outlets To Reach My Audience

Week 3: Analysis And Research Of The Target Audience

              : Focus Group

Week 4: Commissioning and Analytics

Week 5: Crowdfunding Case Study Kickstarter

Blog Post 2 [10.2.1 10.2.2]

Week 1: Researching Social Media Campaigns

Week 2: Planning My Initial Campaign

Week 3: My Campaign

Week 4: How I Intend To Distribute My Film And Why

Blog Post 3 [10.3.1 10.3.2]

Week 1: BP3: Evaluation Of Film Campaign


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