U9: BP1: Proposal/Keypoints


My idea for this project is to create a short film that is an original idea created by me. This idea is titled ‘Eden’. This will be a Dark Fantasy Short Film.

‘Eden’ is the story of Ed, a lonely guy riddled with anxiety. He is invited to a party where he becomes overwhelmed and falls into a room that he believes is empty but really isn’t. This is where he meets Eden, a mysterious and dark, goth looking girl. she can’t talk at first but after a while of Ed talking to ease his anxiety, she starts to talk using little words. after a while, she asks Ed about his life and what he wishes it could be. The screen splits to show the present and the alternate reality that Ed imagines. a moment after the story, there is a brief silence before Eden opens a rift in front of Ed. She holds out her hand and Ed takes it and they walk through to the other reality, which is the beginning in an empty, peaceful field. This is Ed’s version of Eden/Paradise.

This story will only use two main characters, Edward and Eden. This is simple and easy to work with as it won’t require trying to find a large group to act in the production. I already have people in mind to play these two characters if they have the time.

Edwards costume will be smart-casual clothing as he is represented as a moderately normal teenage guy. His anxiety and problems will be shown through his personality and his dialogue and body language throughout the film, where he is uptight, worried and sad at the beginning but towards the end with Eden, he starts to become someone different.

Eden will have a darker costume and mysterious costume to reflect her character. I have the idea that she has the same styling as Wednesday Addams from ‘The Addams Family’ films. I feel this costume of a black dress and boots fits with the character of Eden as she is mysterious and dark and only uses a few amount of words that she knows. This costume signifies her character as mysterious and unknown as little is ever revealed about her. Her character can be inferred to be in the imagination of Edward who takes him away to his version of paradise, also known as his ‘Eden’. Eden’s character can also be inferred as being a conscience or representation of depression or death, or also as life.

This production will use a limited amount of locations as it is a short film. Most of the film will be in the bedroom where they meet, which I feel will be the best location and most accessible for a long amount of time. The other locations I will need are a bathroom with a mirror, which Is another easy location. A party scene will also be needed and I’m sure this can be arranged so that extras will be there too. The rest of the scenes, such as the end in the field and the alternate story sequence will use various easy to access locations that are around. No locations will be a problem to arrange to use, the only worry is that there will be no party gathering to use but this is something I can work around if needs be.

I will not need any main props for this production as most is to do with character and locations. Most will be already in each scene so nothing needs to be purchased to fulfil the filming of the scenes, and if any props are needed, I will leave a budget for these things to be purchased but at this time I have no prop ideas to think about as they aren’t needed as much.

Other items that I will possible need to complete this production other than the camera kit, is lighting for lighting the scenes effectively and to give effect to the rift being opened. I will also need a sound kit as there will be a part where the character of Edward narrates the alternate reality story. I may also need a green screen for the rift but I’m not sure of this as of yet. Most of the production will be down to location, acting and post-production.

I have split my idea into four parts to make it easy to produce. The first part will be set in a bathroom where Edward is talking to himself in the mirror, reassuring himself that it will be okay and he will be fine and have fun. This scene shows his anxiety and how alone he seems to feel by talking to himself. This will then lead to the second part where he is at the party and feels awkward and he drifts away and begins to panic, so he leaves and heads to the room where most of the production will be set. This is where the third and longest part will be, where the major scenes happen with Eden, and also this will be where the split screen scene is. The final part will be the short end scene where Eden opens the rift and they step through. I feel this will make it easier for me to produce the product as I can easily film the production in parts, which makes things easier in post-production.

The production will use some special effects when it comes to editing in the post-production stage. This will simply be for the rift that Eden opens at the very end of the film. This makes things easier as the production is very simple in idea but effective in the outcome. This also makes editing easier as I can spend time getting this part of the production to an effective standard.

This idea has come from the ideas created by different sources and short films. The character of Eden came from the characters of Wednesday Addams in ‘The Addams Family’ from her costume, eleven in ‘Stranger Things’ for her general character and also from Elizabeth in the game ‘Bio shock: Infinite’ as this character can open rifts to other dimensions. In this sense, Edwards character is very much based on me but also the character of Jacob in the book ‘Miss Peregrines Home for Peculiar Children’. As for the overall production, Tim Burton’s film style is a big influence to me as I will try and channel this vibe, but also is influenced by a short film called ‘Normal Doors’ where the primary idea of having a split screen sequence comes from. Other influences are ‘Ghild’ and ‘Let It Be’.



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