Initial Ideas

The tale of the three brothers: A modernised short film based on a short story by JK Rowling from the Harry Potter Franchise. Genre: Dark, Fantasy, Mystery, Drama


Jenny was a friend of mine: a short film with an original script based on a song by The Killers that has a dark magic twist. Genre: Dark, Fantasy, Mystery, drama, Sci-Fi

Kids: An original short film i wrote about a bunch of kids who see  things in the world differently and this leads them to meet another kid who is peculiar to this world as she has mystical powers and they have to use their powers to survive a dark mystery OR in a post-apocalyptic world, a bunch of kids who survive on their own meet a strange kid with mysterious powers and they have to save her from the dark forces that want her for her powers. It will have a vibe similar to the series Stranger Things. Genre: Dark, fantasy, Horror, Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi

EDEN: Ed is a lonely guy riddled with anxiety. He is invited to a party where he becomes overwhelmed and falls into a room that he believe is empty but really isn’t. This is where he meets Eden, a  mysterious and dark, goth looking girl. she cant talk at first but after a while of Ed talking to ease his anxiety, she starts to talk using little words. after a while, she asks Ed about his life and what he wishes it could be. The screen splits to show the present and the alternate reality that Ed imagines. a moment after the story, there is a brief silence before Eden opens a rift in front of Ed. She holds out her hand and Ed takes it and they walk through to the other reality, which is the beginning in an empty, peaceful field. This is Ed’s version of eden.


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