BP6: Planning and Production


PDF-Job List

This is the first piece of pre-production work I have produced. This document is to recognise and keep track of the jobs that need doing to meet the deadline on time. It also includes who will be doing them, as well as who is responsible for any props that the production uses.

PDF-Call Sheet

This is the pre-production document that contains information on who the crew are and what their contact details are, as well as the equipment list and who will be responsible for it, and also a short schedule of what will happen of the course of the production.

PDF-Risk Assessment

This is the risk assessment that documents all the possible hazards that I will face when producing the product. It also documents all the actions that will be taken to ensure that everyone on the project is safe and that these hazards don’t become an issue when producing the final product.This document was updated throughout the production of the final product.

PDF-AV Script

This is the audio visual script I created for the project. I used this to create some basic ideas for visuals that I can match to the lyrics in the audio of the song. This document consists of the lyrics to the song, a brief description of the visual ideas I came up with and any notes I needed to jot down and think about. I will use this document to now create my shot list for the project, using these ideas and planning them out to match with the timings of the song.

PDF-Shot List

This is the main document from this section as this is the shot list document. This contains a rundown of every shot that I am going to film during this production stage. This includes the shot number, the filming location, a short description of the shot, the duration of the shot and any notes I need to remember about the shot. This document will help me to begin recording as it provides a description of all the shots I need to film and how I want to film them, allowing me to create the shots to the image I have in my head.


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