BP3: Research Portfolio

PDF-The Killers-Shot At The Night Research

This is a research booklet about the song I have decided to use, including in the lyrics, the meaning behind the song from online sources and my ideas, a lyric breakdown from online sources and my ideas, and a video breakdown with my ideas on what the video represents.


This is a short questionnaire I created to gather some primary information on the audience and what they like to see in music videos. I have done this to help me perfect my idea for the final project so that it can reflect what the audience wants from a music video.

PDF-Textual Analysis

PDF-Textual Analysis [Comments]

PDF-Textual Analysis Updated [With Comments]

PDF-Textual Analysis Research Document [Complete]

This is the textual analysis I completed for two music videos that are relevant to the product I will produce. I chose two songs by The Killers as one is the original video for the song I will use and the other has similar features to what I want to use for my product.

PDF-Figure Practice

This is a few images and short video that I created to practice with the camera as well as the figures I’ll be using for my project. I have now come up with some more ideas on how to produce my product when it comes to recording and editing.

PDF-Legal and Ethical Issues

This is the legal and ethical issues that occur when creating a music video. In this document I went into the details of what issues creators make when producing music videos. This ranges from copyright to offensive material and the watershed if the music video is shown on TV. I wrote about these issues and then linked this to my product as I thought about the issues I face with my product and how I am affected and what I can do to use the smallest amount of issues I possibly can.


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