BP1: Reflective Journal


On this day, I received the brief for the project that I would be doing, which allowed me to start the work. I first decided to create a Skills Audit to allow me to reflect on the skills I already have learnt over the past seven units and that I will need to use and improve in the coming unit. Once I had completed this, I moved on to creating Preliminary Research for the project, documenting my first ideas, the mind map I had created and the potential songs that I would use before I decided on the one I would use. From this work I have produced, I will use this to plan what research I will produce once I have finished this first section of work.


Today, I completed the Preliminary Research that I began on Monday. Once this was finished, I created an Action Plan for the project, describing the time schedule I would keep to, when and what I would do on each date between the start and the deadline, and what I would need to complete this part of the project. I will now use this as an outline to produce in depth research for the product I will produce, which will help me when It comes to the production stage of the project.


On this day, I began the research stage of  the project. I looked into ideas for how to conduct this research such as looking into creating a questionnaire for primary research about music videos. I then made a short plan of what research I needed to do and when I would do it. From here, I will use this plan to conduct a detailed range of research that is useful to my production and I will constantly keep referring to this plan throughout the research section.


Today, I began the first part of my research. I made a decision on the song I would use, which was Shot At The Night by The Killers. I then started to create a Research booklet about the song, including in the lyrics, the meaning behind the song from online sources and my ideas, a lyric breakdown from online sources and my ideas, and a video breakdown with my ideas on what the video represents.


On this day, I carried on creating my Research book that I had began at the beginning of the week. This research took a long time as I went into a large amount of detail with my analysis so that I would be able to generate a lot of ideas for the visuals of my final project. I will now use this research book to carry on with the other parts of the research as this booklet will help me to produce the other parts of research in more detail than I would have done. I will also save this research for when I am ready to create the product and also for the proposal stage as I think that this will be useful to me in both of these stages.


In the morning, I began the Textual Analysis Of Audio/Visual Texts part of my research. I looked into the three videos I would analyse that are relevant to my project. I decided on analysing the original video for Shot At The Night by The Killers, and then analysing Bones by The Killers as this video uses stop motion animation and is directed by Tim Burton, one of the best directors of stop motion animation films and videos. I also decided to analyse Miss Atomic Bomb by The Killers as this video uses a mix of animation and recorded footage to tell the story. Although they are all by the same artist, the videos show three different ways of creating a music video and these will be big influences of how my final project works out.

In the afternoon, I finished the Research book that I had been creating for the past week. Once I had finished this, I exported it as a PDF file and then uploaded it to wordpress in my research page. I intend to use this research book throughout my production as I feel I will find it useful when creating visual ideas that fit with the lyrics of the song.


Today, I began the Textual analysis work of the research. I started by analysing the video for Shot At The Night. I found that this work is something that I found really difficult to produce as I found it really hard to critically analyse each of the videos in a detail that was sufficient and successful to the standard that the work should be. Now I have produced the work for one video, I will use this to critically analyse the other video in the same amount of detail as I did with this one.


Today I produced a simple Questionnaire on music videos and asked five random different people for their answers. I asked questions that would benefit the project as a whole, using this as a method of finding out what the audience wants to see from a music video that is a good quality and successful product. I then analysed this data and decided what I would do next, using this data to help with my ideas. I intend to now use the findings from this questionnaire to plan a successful product that includes all the features that the audience intends to see in a music video as a whole and also for the band.


Today I carried on with the textual analysis work that I am finding difficult to produce. I have finished producing the work for the first music video and I have now moved on to the second music video I have chosen. I again found this difficult to produce as I cannot analyse this video to a good quality as I find it hard to think of aspects of the video that I can analyse in a large amount of detail. I will continue with this research on a later date and take a break from this work as I feel I am becoming stressed with the completion of this work.


Today, I produced and completed the Project Proposal document for the project. This consisted of discussing the Rational, Project Concept and How I Will Evaluate, including all my research sources in the Harvard Format. This document will be useful in the long run of the project as I will continue to refer to this document to make sure my product is the same as I had originally planned. Now this proposal is completed, I intend to move on to creating a presentation to pitch my proposal to a small section of the audience.


Today I worked on completing the Textual Analysis document by finishing off the analysis of the other music video. This was a struggle for me as I found this particular task difficult to complete but I have now finished it to a detailed and successful standard. I then went on to create the Proposal pitch in the afternoon but I only created a small amount of work at this point and I moved on to creating some photos and a video for my Figure Practice. I intend to use all these documents in the long run of the project as I will need the textual analysis to generate ideas on how I can include the typical aspects of a normal music video in my product. I will also refer to my figure practise constantly throughout the project as I will use this as a basis for the visuals that I plan to use. I will now carry on with the presentation and pitch this to a small selection of the audience.


Today I continued the work on the Proposal pitch presentation that I will use to present my idea to the audience tomorrow afternoon. I have included all the information I possibly can about my project in simple and basic bullet points that explain clearly what I aim to do for the final project and what I intend the final product to look like. I will now finish up this presentation and pitch it to the audience, and gather some feedback before I move on to beginning the pre-production documents for the project.

Friday- 08/04/16

I finished the Proposal pitch presentation in the morning ready for the afternoons pitching session. I made sure all the information was correct and simple to understand so that I wouldn’t take a lot of time explaining my points as they were already simple to understand.  I then pitched my ideas in the afternoon using the presentation I had produced and gathered feedback on my ideas from the audience. I found presenting this hard as I am very nervous when it comes to presenting things to large groups and this can sometime cause me problems, which shows in the performance of how I presented my product. Now I have pitched my product to my audience and gathered the relevant feedback, I will now take in to consideration everything I have produced in the research and proposal stages, and also the feedback I have gathered and I will move on to producing the pre-production documents for the project.


I began the pre-production documents for this week. I managed to complete the Job List in this day and I set about starting the Call Sheet document. I find producing pre-production documents hard as I have ideas and thoughts in my head, I just never know how to write them down and lay them out on the documents I need to. I will continue with the call sheet tomorrow and begin the risk assessment to a standard I can reach at this stage.


I carried on with the pre-production documents, which meant I completed the Call Sheet document as much as I could at this stage of the project. I also  began the Risk Assessment document to a far enough standard I could get to at this point as I haven’t began filming so I cannot fill in some parts due to this. I will now begin my AV script tomorrow to gather ideas for the visuals that I will use to match with the audio of the song.


As I couldn’t fill in anymore of the Risk Assessment document at this stage, I worked on the AV Script. This document consisted of documenting my first ideas for the shots in the project, based and created using the lyrics to the song. I took the lyrics from the song and wrote them all out, to which I then thought up and matched visuals to the lyrics so that when it comes to writing the shot list, I will have some ideas of some of the shots I could use for my project and what lyrics they would represent. I also added a section for notes so that any ideas I needed to write down about those shots could be documented next to the shots they were meant to be for. I found this document particularly difficult as I couldn’t really think of any shots that would match with some of the lyrics where as I had vivid ideas for other shots in the project that didn’t have lyrics to match with them. Now I have completed this document, I will work on producing a shot list for my project, which is a document I will use throughout the production of the project. I have also gathered feedback on my Textual Analysis so I will make an update to my original document to reflect the feedback I have been given.


Today I completed my update on the Textual Analysis Research Document using the comments that I had been given to update and improve the document to make sure it is of a good standard. I also began the Shot List document. I played the song and music video alongside to ensure that I could time the music video correctly to make sure that I would plan enough shots to fill the time of the song. I then began to fill in the spaces I had with different shots that I could potentially use to make my music video. This included writing down the timescale of the shot, the location, a small description of the shot, an approximate duration of the shot and any notes I needed about the shots., to get further through this before my production. I am finding this document hard to produce as I find it hard to put my ideas down on paper, and for my production, a lot of the shots were going to be created from scratch at the the time of recording. I will now go and look at the places I intend to film at and complete the risk assessment document for the project, whist I also finish completing the Shot List.


Today I worked through the Risk Assessment as I had looked at the places I would film at and I also had a plan in my head of all the risks that I would face whilst producing this product, which I documented in this work. I also worked a little more on the Shot List document for the product. I intend to carry on and hopefully have this document completed by tomorrow.


Today I completed the Shot List document, filling in all the spaces I need to so that I have as much information as I can about my ideas to allow me to begin filming the project in the next few days. I will use this shot list throughout the duration of the project to make sure I record all the shots I want to so that my product comes together correctly. I will also use the small descriptions I wrote to create the shots to best fit how I imagined each shot to be. I am now going to start recording footage for my product and then begin the post-production stage.

Tuesday- 03/05/16

Today I used my Shot List to begin the production of my final product. As the weather was warm and dry, I decided it was best if I went out and recorded the footage I needed on the field I intended to use. I spent between one to two hours out here filming with my figures as I found it hard to create the shots I initially planned in the grass as the figures wouldn’t stand because of the wind and grass but I managed to get all the shots that were close to my initial plan whilst I was out. I now plan to record my footage that is done indoors.

Friday- 06/05/16

Today I began the filming stage of my production. Using the resources I had on offer, I began to film the shots for my final product of the course of 10 hours. At the end of this day, I managed to complete all the shots I had planned to produce. I then uploaded and looked through the footage and this is where I encountered a large problem. When looking at the shots, I found that the majority of them were really dark and couldn’t be seen, which meant that I couldn’t use them and would have to produce all my shots again.


Today I spent a full 12 hours producing all the shots in a better lit environment to make sure that I wouldn’t have dark shots as I had the other day. I produced a few practice shots to make sure the final outputs would be useful usable, and they were. I then began to create all of my shots, which I finished and checked on my computer. I also came up with some new shots I hadn’t originally planned at the planning stage, and I hope to use these at any point that I can. I have to admit that I found the production stressful and hard, but I believe the final outcome should make up for the effort I have made.

Tuesday- 10/05/16

Today I sorted through the footage I filmed on the previous day. I compiled all the stop motion images into clips using a software called JellyCam and then renames all the clips to the shot number so I can easily edit the clips into the correct order they should be. I practiced with a few of the shots to create some ideas for the final edit.

Thursday- 12/05/16

After reviewing the footage I had taken on Monday, I found that I had one problem when it came to the filmed footage and the photography footage. The size of the videos were 1280×720 which translated to roughly 40×19 cm, were larger than the images I had taken to make the stop motion parts with. This was a problem when the images and videos were placed in a sequence together as the shots kept constantly changing sizes and this did not look professional. I spent today editing these images to make them all the same size that they need to be. A widescreen power point slide was the same size as the videos I had so I used this as a baseplate for the sizing. I then added in all the images one by one and set them to the size of the slide, meaning that they were now all cropped to be the same size as the videos would be when placed in a sequence. In the evening, I decided to test the changes by editing some of the images into stop motion and placing them in a sequence with the other filmed footage. After playing the sequence through a few times, I found that the changes I had made worked well and the video now ran more smoothly with the edited images.

Friday- 13/05/16

Having now reviewed and edited all the footage so that it all will fit and be the same size in the end product, I spent today ordering and laying out how I will have the shots in the final video. I did this so that when it comes to the final product, it will be easier to put together and layout because all the shots are now in the same order. I also came up with some ideas of the effects and overlays I will use on the video, which I know where to access and use them from.


Today I began to edit my final product. I imported all the footage that I would use into the editing software Filmora that I would be using. Once the footage was imported, I began to input the footage into the timeline in the way I wished it to be. As I had already ordered all of the footage into the correct order, it made the editing process easier for me. I simply added in the already ordered footage and edited their length to the correct timings that I was hoping they would be. This then left me with adding in the transitions and effects that I had planned to use on parts of the video. I have overall enjoyed this process so far as I enjoy editing videos the way I want them.

Monday- 16/05/16

Today I carried on with the editing, making sure that all the video was edited correctly and that the video was in time with the music. After re watching the whole edit over a couple of times, I realised that the video was slightly off timing with the music and this had to be fixed so that a specific shot was in line with the lyrics it represents.I used the exported video I already had and I imported it back into the software, where I then added in the song once again and exported this to see if the timing matched. Thankfully, this idea proved successful as the video lined up perfectly with the sound and the edit was finished. I found this small problem quite annoying as when I edited the video, everything lined up perfectly but the export seemed to moving things out of place.

Friday- 20/05/16

Today I produced and completed the document for the Legal and Ethical Issues of a music video. In this document I went into the details of what issues creators make when producing music videos. This ranges from copyright to offensive material and the watershed if the music video is shown on TV. I wrote about these issues and then linked this to my product as I thought about the issues I face with my product and how I am affected and what I can do to use the smallest amount of issues I possibly can.

Saturday- 21/05/16

Today I completed my final product for this project. I used the Focus Group Feedback I have gathered in the past few days to edit the product to reflect this feedback. The feedback was mostly positive apart from some subtle changes that needed to be made. One of these subtle changes that was in one of the clips, a shadow of the cameraman can be seen over the figures, which needed to be cropped from the shot. Also, some of the feedback stated that the narrative wasn’t clear to see as the shots cut back and fourth without seeming to have any meaning to them. In the edit I cropped out the small part with the shadow whilst making sure that this small crop didn’t disfigure the rest of the timeline. I also added in some overlays and filters to the flashbacks to ensure they stand out from the rest of the video and don’t seem as though it cuts back and fourth with no reason behind it. Now I have completed my product, I will conduct a focus group to gather feedback on my final product and then use this to write up my evaluation.

Monday- 23/05/16

Today I gathered some Feedback on my final product for this project. I asked a small sample of the target audience for their views on the project I had produced. This feedback came back as mostly positive but a few other improvements were highlighted  in this, which were that the whole video could be synced more to match the music more, sort out the stop motion as it is a little bit choppy, make the narrative a little more clear than it is currently, clear up the Blu-Tac in a lot of the shots that it is visible in, and just make some overall editing adjustments. I will remember these improvement ideas for if I do this project again as I don’t have time to re-edit things at this stage. I will use this feedback and comment on this in my feedback which I will start tomorrow.

Thursday- 26/05/16

Today I began to write up my Evaluation for this project. I started by giving a detailed evaluation of my planning, documenting how effective it was and what was good and wasn’t good about it, and how I used it throughout my production stage. I will continue with this document tomorrow.

Friday- 27/05/16

Today, I completed the write up of my Evaluation for this project. This is the last document that I need to produce for this project. I moved on from evaluating the planning section to the research section of my project. I did the same as I did yesterday with the planning, documenting how effective it was and what was good and wasn’t good about it, and how I used it throughout my production and planning stages. I then completed this and moved on to giving a detailed evaluation of my product and the process I went through with that. I then final gave a short conclusion of the project overall and what I would improve if I was to do this again.


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