MB BP2: Uploading And Showcasing

In my information section on my site, I decided to add in a page that contains a showcase of the work that I have produced in College and also outside of college. This section will be regularly updated to include new products that I create over time. This is so that my practical work can be easily shown to anybody that wants to view it.

Uploading the video




To allow the videos to be embedded onto my site, they first needed to be uploaded to YouTube. To do this I simply set up an account on YouTube and clicked the upload button in the top right corner. I then Selected the video file that I wanted to upload from my computer files and this began uploading. I then changed the settings to the correct way I required them to be and then waited for the video to upload. Once this had been done, I viewed the video and copied the web address as I needed it for the next part.

Adding the video to my showcase




To add the video to a page for a showcase, I first created a page and called it ‘Showcase’. I then used the copied web address I had copied from the YouTube video and pasted it to the page. I then typed in at the beginning and end of  the link. This is so that the video was embedded and then when the page is viewed on the site, the video appears so that it can be watched without having to use a link to YouTube to view the video.


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