U6: Production Diary

Week 1-25/01/16


planned the assets i would need to create. began to create logo frame and background.


continue to create background and planned assets

Week 2- 01/02/16

Thursday- 04/02/16

finish assets and upload them to google drive to be worked on at home


Recorded all needed footage for video ready to edit at home

Saturday- 06/02/16

Added in and edited soundtrack, began to review and gather footage and shortened it to the right length.

Week 3-8/02/16


Began to put footage together and in the order that i want it to be. Added touch ups to the filmed footage to enhance the color and quality as it was too dark originally.


Pulled all footage in order and in the correct place. Reviewed and produced different versions of the titles with using the assets i created and leaving them out.

Thursday- 11/02/16

Exported all versions and reviewed each of them. Made the decision that the assets make the titles look unprofessional so planned to make changes to initial plan and add the text from the papers later on in college using After Effects.

Week 4-15/02/16

Thursday- 17/02/16

Create the papers for project, export and save to google drive.

Friday- 18/02/16

Continue with papers, export and upload to google drive.

Week 5-22/02/16


Finish off video by adding in newspaper clips and putting things into correct order.


Finish off video by adding in titles, export and upload to google drive


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