MB BP7: Evaluation


At the start of the project, I first produced an action plan and proposal to lay out the way I was going to tackle the project. This included jotting down my first ideas for the project, producing a storyboard and moodboard once I had came up with these ideas. I then worked on planning the rationale of the project, the concept and how I would evaluate my finished project in the end. Once this was planned, I produced an action plan of the timings that I would stick to in order to complete the project within the deadline. I then used these planning documents throughout the production to ensure that I was making the product correctly and within the deadline.

I believe that my planning was somewhat effective for carrying out the project as it helped when it came to producing the product as I needed to keep reminding myself of the ideas and also I needed to keep checking my action plan for the timings that I needed to stick to so that I would finish the product on time. I was a little over the initial deadline when completing the project but I managed to finish within a small amount of time after which was fine. I could have managed my time better for the project by not getting distracted from when I was working and sticking to the action plan a little more than I did.

There was a few constraints to consider when it came to the planning. First of all would be the copyright issues on the song that I would use, as well as the found footage clips of 1940’s Los Angeles that I would also have to use to complete the project. I overcome these by already purchasing the song I was going to use so that the copyright infringement wouldn’t have been to bad. I also used sites that allowed me to download the found footage I needed for free without any of the copyright problems being placed on them.

I believe that I could have planned both my research and production more effectively if I had included more planning documents of how I imagined the product to turn out as it was far from what I had planned due to timing and resource issues. This didn’t effect the product as much as I would have thought as the product still appeared to be a good quality, it was just not how I planned it to work.


For my initial research, I chose a sin to look into and then found information on it using a range of different sources, mostly from the internet. This research would then be shared and put together with others so that more research could be made. This then lead to the second part of the research, where by using the research that had been collected and the most useful internet site, I was able to pull all the research together and create a small mind map giving the full outline of the sins, including what they are, the punishments, symbols linked with them and the virtues that combat the sins. These sources were effective in gathering a large amount of research on the sins as they boosted my knowledge and helped me decide how to interpret these facts into my final product.

Once I had gathered my research, I took it all into consideration and decided how I would initially interpret the facts I had found into my final product. This is where I came up with the idea of adding newspapers into the project that would in some way describe the plot of each episode whilst also interpreting the research findings I had made into the final product in some way. This research helped me throughout the production as I was able to keep checking that I was interpreting the correct facts into the production and weren’t making facts up as I went along.

I believe I could have produced more research into the sins as I don’t think my product clearly gave examples of the sins that it should have and this could have been helped if I had produced more detailed research into the sins, especially how they are believed to have effected the 1940’s era so I would have known what more I could have included. Also, more research would have helped my production be created the way that I had planned it to be and not how it turned out.

During the production stage of the project, I produced a small amount of extra research into the sins to make sure that I had all the facts right that I researched from the start. This was so that I could then add them into the newspaper clips when I was creating them without making any mistakes and having to edit the clips again. Apart from this small amount of research, I produced no more throughout the duration of the project.

The Product

I believe the product is fit for the purpose of an opening title for a TV show, that it was initially created for. It includes all the aspects of a regular TV show opening title that supports this idea. It also follows the appropriate codes and conventions of a typical opening sequence to a TV show, which adds to it being fit for the purpose that it was created for. The fitness for purpose could have been improved by possibly creating a better quality product and also editing the sequence a little better than I did.

The overall technical quality of the product I believe was somewhat of a success. I think I captured some of what I originally planned in my final product and I also think that the product came to a good standard the way it is, just not created the way I had planned. I think I could have improved the product overall by creating it the way I had planned to but I now think that the way I was originally going to create the product was also slightly tacky as this is the final product. This could all be improved by trying out using different software to create the final project and also by editing the footage in a different formation so that it doesn’t use constant fades and flashes between each sequence and rather it follows on smoothly.

During the production, I did develop some technical skills whilst I created the product. I worked more on how to use the editing software correctly to produce a good quality product, which is where most of my technical skills were needed. I also improved my skills of recording as I recorded a small amount of footage for the product so that I could have a mix of found and recorded footage in my product.

The target audience for my product would be anyone from the age of 16 and over as the product is based in the 1940’s and includes mature themes throughout the whole product. I think from the small product I created, I think my product would appeal to my target audience if they were to see it as it showcases what the show is about and how the mature theme is included which should appeal to the target audience.

Before the production, I did not produce any audience research because I made the decision that the product would be best suited for a more older and mature audience so I didn’t carry out any audience research for my product as I had this in mind and didn’t need to find anything else out about them.

My final product received some feedback, saying that they believe that I didn’t create the product to the standard that I had hoped due to timing and software issues. I completely agree with this feedback and if I was to create the product again, I would work at it better and complete it to  a better quality.

My final product does adhere to the media law and ethical guidelines as well.


If I was to do this production again, then I would definitely improve all areas of the project. I would plan in more detail so that when it comes to creating the final product, it would run more smoothly as I would have been able to look at the planning documents and be able to build the product more efficiently around the plan so that the final product matches the plan. I would improve the research a little more by looking more into each sin and creating a more detailed piece about each so that it could be interpreted into my project better. I would then use this improved research and planning to improve the overall quality of the final product and also make sure that the product matches with my original ideas.


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