SM BP4: Evaluation


I produced a proposal for this project  which I used throughout the duration of the time that I created the final project and completed the paper work. The Planning I created was effective to the project as it helped me get through the project easily and quickly, allowing me to complete the product to the deadline. I believe I could have managed my time better when it came to carrying out this project as I could have produced the work in more detail but had little time to complete it in. I didn’t come across any constraints when it came to the project as it was easy and simple and all created work by me. I think I could have planned my production a little better when it came to planning as I didn’t produce a large amount of planning sources so I had to plan some things when I got to them rather than already having them planned from the beginning.


For the research for this project, I produced two pieces of work as research sources for when it came to planning the final product. These pieces of work were evaluations of websites that I could use to produce my final product and also the issues that relate to the internet usage. These came from a variety of internet sources that I linked at the bottom of each piece of work. These sources were effective for researching what guidelines and rules that my website would have to abide by, and also helped me to decide which website would be best to use for the final project, and this is how I used my research findings. I could have possibly done more research into how each website works and what features they have on offer but this would have taken longer than I had to complete this. If I had done more of this research, I would have had a better knowledge of what each website has to offer as a creator and then made a better decision of picking the one that was most suitable to use. During the production, I produced a small amount of research later on about how the website I chose worked and more about how to write important things such as the CV and Personal Statement.

The Product

When setting the product up in September, it was a pretty easy task. First, I created the word press account and then chose a theme that was suitable to use and looked professional. I then personalised the site using images and a header image to reflect me. Over the time that I have used the blog for work, I have developed this site as I have created an easy menu layout to navigate the site and find posts easier. I have also changed the overall design of the wordpress site over time by changing the header image sometimes to reflect my mood but also the theme as i began to find that the design I had originally chosen didn’t work as well with the menus to the site, as they didn’t appear on the top of the page, they were in a side bar, so I found a more suitable theme to use.

I believe the product is fit for the purpose that it was created for as it showcases myself and my work on one easy and clear website. I also think that it follows all the appropriate codes and conventions that a website should have included in it. If any improvements could be made to make the product more fit for the purpose, it would be to simplify the layout a little more so the website is easy to navigate and posts are easy to find on each page. The overall technical quality of the product turned out to be a good standard product that was created to a specific aim correctly. I like the overall layout of the website and think that the menus are set up easily so that the website can be navigated easily and simply. If any parts could be improved, I think this could be done on the overall work as I don’t feel that the work is detailed enough and the About Me post could include a large amount of other information. During this project, many technical skills were developed. These were based around all the ways to set up a successful website that looks professional and has a simple layout that can easily be navigated. I have also developed skills in writing a CV and Personal Statement while doing this project. The target audience would appeal to the website I have creates as it showcases a large amount of skills and tells a lot about me, which is good for the target audience that I aim at. The simple layout and design of the website is also a contributing factor that I have planned for the product to be appealing for the target audience. Before production, I did’t conduct any audience research as everyone can see a website, but I designed the website for employers that want to see work thatI create, and this also showcases off my skills to them at the same time. I believe that the website adheres with the correct media and ethical guidelines that appear when creating a successful website.


If I was to do the project again, I would improve the work I did on each section, concentrating on the work more to finish it to the deadline that has been set. For the planning of the project, I would complete the planning in more detail and to a better standard, giving me a better help guide when it comes to completing the practical. This also applies to the research as I feel that I could have possibly done more research into the websites and there features and also how to use them correctly to a create a good quality website. This then effects the product as I could improve by using the research and planning I did to create the website to a better quality that is a high standard website and looks professional in the eyes of the audience.



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