AB BP6: Evaluation


For this project, I produced a proposal before I began with the project. This proposal contained the details of the video I used such as the runtime of the film, a synopsis of the events and how I will treat the film when I start to add the sounds. I decided on taking this project on by doing a comedic style film in my proposal and I stuck to this whilst I went through with the project. I also added a schedule to this plan so that I could follow this and get the work done on time, which I found hard to stick too as I found the work hard to produce so I unfortunately didn’t stick to this schedule, but still produced the work on time. Overall though, I did use the rest of my proposal as it helped me when it came to planning the sounds that I needed to use in the final product.

My planning was effective overall as I did manage to meet the deadline that was set, but it was a tough project to complete to the deadline. To manage my time better, I feel I could have been more enthusiastic about the project but I found it hard to engage in the project as I didn’t find it as interesting as I would have thought.

There were a few constraints that I found when I was doing the project. One of these was that it was hard to record the sounds needed as I didn’t have access to the correct resources and facility’s to be able to create and record the sounds for he video. This meant that a large amount of the sounds came from pre-recorded sources on the Internet.

I think I planned the production effectively, I just found that I have little interest in the sound production side of media even though I understand the importance of sound in film.


I conducted research into the history of sound design as I thought this would be effective in advancing my knowledge of how to create and record sounds using different materials and props, by looking at how the professionals  create and record sound and how the creation of sound has advanced in the media over the past century. This was done by looking at articles and videos on the internet about these sound designers and recording some of the findings in bullet points as inspiration to when I’m recording my sounds. These methods were effective as I advanced in my knowledge of not only how to produce and record sounds but also of the history behind sound design and the pioneers that have changed the sound designing industry.

After conducting this research, I used my findings to begin planning and practicing the methods of sound recording that I had discovered in my research. This was to test my ways of producing sounds when it came to finally designing sounds for my final project. This ultimately helped me when I began the final product as the research had taught me the skills I needed to record the sounds for the video.

I believe that I could have produced more research on the different ways of recording sound as a lot of the research i did was aimed at sound designers and their methods, rather than at the many ways of designing sounds in different environments with different pieces of equipment. I think if I had done some more research into this area of sound, then I would have had a better knowledge of how to produce top quality sounds in a smaller environment.

During the production, I did some small research into how to record a few different sounds as I didn’t initially know how to go about recording them. This research proved useful as I found out how to record sounds in the small space and little items I had on offer, which were a good quality when I reviewed the sounds later on.

The Product

I think that my final product fits the purpose that I originally started with. The codes and conventions that I originally planned to make sure where in my sound for the film were clearly used and shown in the final product. I think the only thing I could have done to ensure it fit the specific purpose more was to include more sounds that would have made the piece more comedic as I planned to before, but with limited time and equipment, I wasn’t able to achieve this.

Overall, im happy with the technical quality of the final product. I think most of the sounds fit well with the images that are shown on the video when being played and the sounds also are timed perfectly with the placements and movements that are shown in the video, giving the idea that the sounds do belong with the image on the screen. I do think that some parts could be improved, such as the sounds of the people and the footsteps. I wasn’t able to record and collect a varied amount of sounds for the footsteps and the people and head in the video and this shows when listening closely to the sound track. The footsteps are generic and sound the same with each step that is taken because I wasn’t able to record a variety of footstep sounds to apply to my video, which meant that I had to leave the footsteps in their generic state. Also, the murmurs and sounds that the head and people make dont match with their facial expressions as I couldn’t find and fit the right sounds for them, or record the correct sounds as I didn’t have the right people or equipment, which meant had to leave the sounds as they were. Despite these improvements though, I think they still fit well with the video, I just feel I shouldn’t have used them as much and collected a wider range.

I developed a large amount of technical skills during this production. I developed my skills in sound design, such as how to create and record realistic sounding, good quality audio tracks using safe methods with props. I have also developed skills in using the sound recording equipment correctly and safely. I have also developed my skills using video and sound editing software as I have used these a lot more during this production stage and have gained knowledge of how to use all the features they have on offer.

I believe the final product would appeal to any target audience. I didn’t originally have a target audience set in mind as the product is okay to be viewed by anyone of any age so I didn’t work with the idea of having to appeal to a set age range and audience demographic. This product would appeal to any audience as it is funny and a well made soundscape that fits well with the video and keeps the humor that is shown and brings it into another form, allowing the audience to feel more of the film than just viewing it, as they are able to hear it as well.

Before the production, I didn’t undertake any audience research as I felt that the project would be fit for viewing by all ages and demographics. This factor allowed me to create the project to a high standard easily as I wasn’t focused on aiming the final product at a single audience demographic and rather making it suitable for all audiences as the original film was intended to be for.

I believe that my product does follow the Media law and Ethical guidelines as all the footage and sounds are safe and view able by anyone.


If I were to undertake this unit again, I personally feel I could improve a few things about how I complete the overall unit. For starters, I feel that I could have shown more interest towards the unit, but this sound is something that I have little interest in so it was hard for me to take on the project with the correct enthusiasm I could have. I also feel I could have improved in all three factors of the unit.

I think I should have created more detailed planning of the project so that when it comes to the final product, it is easier and smoother to complete than what it was this time. I believe I didn’t plan enough of the sounds that I was going to use, which became a problem when it came to the final product as I didn’t have all the sounds I need as I didn’t plan to record them.

As for research, I feel I should have researched more into how to record specific sounds and how to use sound recording equipment and sound editing software as this was a struggle when it came to producing the product. Most of my research was focused on the history and pioneers of sound design and not at the main importance of how to record and edit sounds when they are needed.

I believe the only thing to improve about the final product is the overall quality of it as I didn’t record a variety of sounds such as the footsteps so the sounds were generic and sound all the same. If I undertook this project again, I would definitely record and collect a wider variety of sounds so that the soundscape on the video doesn’t sound generic like it did this time, and i had to cover with music tracks.


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