About Me

Hi, my name is Adam Widdowson.

I’m a mega-geek that loves everything from TV to Film to Video-games to Music and I also love to drink coffee, especially Starbucks. The collage above shows some of the things I like in life, from my inspirations to my friends, they all make things in life seem bright.

Most of my time is spent watching TV or Films, especially Netflix to watch things such as Gotham and Doctor Who. I also tend to be listening to music, mostly rock such as The Killers, Watching YouTube, mostly Charles Trippy and Shaycarl, and reading a lot of books. I like to also write plots and scripts for short films and also writing my own story’s and novels, as well as designing houses and buildings. I also enjoy editing pictures and videos in my spare time.

I’m quiet and shy but once I get to know people, I build in confidence and find myself talking at meeting new people.This is something I want to work on in college so that i can hopefully make new friends and be confident in front of people.

I enjoy building and developing my skills in many different things, but mostly in the media forms. This is to help me when it comes to my future job options as i wanted to work in the media by setting up my own YouTube tie in business, as well as working on many other films and TV Shows as a director, writer or producer.


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