SM BP1: Issues relating to internet usage

Main issues relating to general internet usage

  1. Cyberbullying- Cyberbullying is a big issue as some people on the internet generally feel the need to bully other people for various reasons. This use of the internet can effect anyone in different ways, across different platforms, leading to problems for a range of people. The victim of cyberbullying can be any age, but the main risks are young children and teens, who are pressured by people online over different platforms, creating problems for them and others around them if things get out of hand.
  2. Propaganda- This is an issue as the internet is one of the main and most used media sources in current times. Anything on the internet can be used as a means to influence and change a persons opinion on a certain subject matter. This is shown in recent times with terrorism becoming a major problem in the world and some propaganda is reaching and changing peoples opinions over the internet.
  3. Pop-up ads- These ads are issues for many reasons on the internet. One reason is that the ads could contain viruses and spam that can corrupt a persons device if they are clicked on as the ads that are online aren’t always reliable and legal, they also could take money away from the user with just one click. Another reason is that they can contain advertisements for explicit content that isn’t aimed at children, although they can appear on any website and a child could find and access these adverts. The final reason is that they pop-up frequently on any device and annoy the user, which can also cause the device to freeze if constant ads keep appearing.
  4. Privacy-One of the biggest issues on the internet is privacy. The things that people post and upload to the internet can be viewed by anyone as they are online and worldwide, meaning that private things in your life could be found and viewed by anyone around the world. This means that any content that you share should be thought about before being posted, as people will be able to find and view these items and use them against you at their will. Even if you have privacy settings set or you delete something you posted, people can still find a way to access the things that you have posted on your parts of the internet.

Dangers of the internet video

The rapid changes to society and the internet is fast, meaning that more and more people began to use the internet fast. The amount of users increased from 1% of the population to three billion in twenty years.

We are addicted to the internet. We use the internet more than we make interactions in real life, as we constantly check the internet and avoid human interactions, and use what the internet has to offer for a large amount of our daily time.

There’s also a large amount of content on the internet on offer- a large amount of content is posted daily on the internet. Facebook users share 2.5 million amounts of content a minute, Tweets are posted 300,000 times a minute, YouTube has 72 hours of video a minute uploaded, 200 million emails are sent a minute and 50,000 apps a minute are downloaded on apple. 5 exabytes of content is created every two days. Google makes 2.5 billion searches every day. Our attention is made towards sponsored sites when we make one of these searches.

Privacy is constantly under threat as cookies and phones keep track of every movement we make in real time and online. Every year, £5000 of data is created on the internet, which is sold to companies and stored together to keep a track on our lives. Facebook knows things before people in your life does. 70% of people fear how much has already been shared on the internet, allowing people to be scared if someone or some company is spying on them.

Online crime is becoming out of control. Normal crime rates are falling against the amount of internet crimes that are being made. 69% of young people in the UK alone have experienced cyberbullying.

The internet is meaning that we are less likely to interact deeply with people and remain emotionally connected to real life people, keep our critical faculties alive, to stop thinking that the answers always lie ‘out there’ and are always on the internet to be answered and to make the discoveries that come when we are bored and letting our minds lie.

Social Media Issues

The main issues with social media are:


-Cat fishing


-Pop-up ads





Legal and Ethical issues

Privacy- global phenomanon means its hard to regulate it, means sometimes national laws and regulations can’t be applied to all websites that have.

Defamation-  This means you can say something about someone, and if that person says its not true, then the person can fine the person that made the comment.

Anti-terrorist- your not supposed to be promoting terrorism using the internet

All laws can’t easily be applied to all websites, such as a law in the UK cant apply to one in another country.

Cybercrime can’t be prosecuted when the issue spans across the globe and identity can not be proved to be correct for a person.





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