MB BP3: Project Proposal


Section 1: Rationale

The opening sequence to a programme is used to introduce the show to the audience it is aimed at, this should grip the audience in and make them interested to watch the show that the title belongs to. This benefits the audience as it introduces the story line for the first time, using visual hints to allow the audience to realize the genre, story line, theme and messages that are featured in the show and the series. The opening sequence can also promote the actors in the show, so that the audience can see who is in the series, and this adds to their judgment of the show as they have preferences on the actors that are featured within the show, so if they are shown in the titles so the audience can make a judgment beforehand. If the show contains scenes that can only been show after the watershed, the titles will need to reflect this judgment. If the titles are going to be used for promotional purposes of the series pre-watershed, then the titles won’t be able to contain any of the content that isn’t suitable for younger audiences so that it can be used before the watershed turn over.

Project Concept

For this project, I am hoping to create a mystery/drama genre product. This will be set as a 1940’s noire style, meaning the title sequence will have to reflect this. As this is the case, the opening sequence will contain a background of the sins, virtues and punishments flying by in each frame. Then the video will alternate between using old style Polaroids of LA landmarks from the 1940’s, with the actors and crews name next to them, which will be shown on all other frames. The other alternate frame will contain newspapers describing each victim that was killed by the punishment associated with the sin they committed. This will maybe include some moving image shots but will mostly be still images. The final shot will be the Polaroids coming together to create the logo ‘Sins’ hanging on pieces of string, before flashing white and changing to a noire themed logo, such as a blinking hotel light, before the screen blanks out and the episode title appears then fades.


For this evaluation, I am thinking of producing a Vlog and record a short clip of the work I am doing and compile these clips into one video. I am also thinking of producing a short diary of the work process, recounting the things I did to achieve the project and then writing a final evaluation once I have finished. I personally like the second idea of creating a diary because that would allow me to keep track of all the work that I am producing and make sure I’m still on track.

Proposed Research Sources and Bibliography (Harvard Format)

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Dante Alighieri translated by Bookcaps (2013) Dante’s The Divine Comedy: In Plain and Simple English.
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