Audio and Sound Practise

talk about the different terms within sound and audio and explain about the recording sound practise

Within the media, sound and audio are big parts of what makes the final film come together. Audio adds a background to visual shots that emphasise what they are showing e.g. in animal documentaries, the sounds of animals is created in post-production to emphasise the sounds of the animals.

Foley is a big part of the audio subject. Foley is the sounds that are recorded and added in the post-production stage after the shooting of a film. When the sound from the filming cannot be recorded or has other sounds in the background of it, such as if its filmed near a main road, foley is recorded in the post-production stage and added over the footage to create clear sound rather than using the sound that comes with the footage.

On practising recording foley sounds, I found out the effect that foley can have on the production of a film. All sounds can be pretty easily recorded using a Morantz sound kit and this was what was used when we practised recording these sounds. We first planned what types of audio we would like to record. This included Ambient sounds, such as the general noise of a room, dialogue, which is the recording of voices that overlay someone talking, and outdoor sounds, such as the rustling of trees. This was all achieved by using the Morantz kit and visiting different places to record different sounds that we could find around the area. As a group, we recorded a range of sounds and played them back to listen to how effective the sounds we had recorded were and whether the fell into the correct category as what we thought they were.

After this practise with sound recording, we could take the skills we had learnt and use them in our next project to enhance the sounds we used in the filming, creating better sounding audio over the footage we had recorded.


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