Blog Post 6-Final Evaluation Of Effectiveness and Improvements


Overall, I think that the product that has been created met the targets that was set, despite all the problems that arose while the project was taken out. All of the communication with the client wasn’t done by us so we had to make sure things were saved in the appropriate places and formats so that they could be passed on to the client to see. The products we have created meet the specific needs that the client requested the product had because we worked to the target of getting these needs fitted in to the product whilst we worked on them, making it effective to its purpose. The products look professional and have a range of different skills displayed in them, showing off the skills that we have, which all meet the targets that had been set for us.

If this was to be done again, I feel a few improvements could be made. The green-screen captured footage that was filmed at the football ground was recorded outside on a windy day so this created a few problems when it came to post-production. The green screen was hard to key out as the wind had created ripples on the screen. making it darker in some spots, meaning that the ultrakey didn’t effectively remove all the green screen background and this showed once another background had been added. Also the frame of the green screen was also shown through the wind blowing the green screen, meaning that these areas had to be removed by cropping the footage so that they could no longer be seen.


The prototypes that were created were sent to the people at the football ground and they came back with a reply that said that they products didn’t work with what they wanted originally. They then sent a sample of what they wanted which wasn’t in any way the same as what we had created so this became a setback and we then created a product that better fitted the example they had sent. Once this change had been made, I think the overall outcome came out pretty well for its purpose and it fitted with the example that the people had sent us.


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