Evaluation Of Sci-Fi Film Research Project.


Primary Research: Questionnaire.

For the quantitive primary research, I worked in a group with two other people to create this questionnaire. We aimed to ask a small group of people between the ages of 16 and 20 about their views on the Sci-Fi genre of films, this included whether the genre is one of their favourites, what they like about the genre and what films they class as classic films from this genre . We decided that to gather the views from the small group, we would create a short 15 question survey which we gave out to the small group of people we had selected to answer the questionnaire. We gave this questionnaire out to the group of people and gather the answers they gave together to create a conclusion about how much the genre is liked and why it is liked by so many people.

I think the only thing that could have been improved about our questionnaire is the way we worded the questions because they could seem a little confusing and badly worded to some people, which could have been solved if we worded the questions in a formal manor that wasn’t confusing. Also, i think we could have ordered the questions a little differently as they were little muddled when we wrote them, so we could have ordered them to be in a more ordered fashion that let the questions flow between each other. Apart from these two factors, i think we created the questionnaire correctly and it worked effectively to find out the information we wanted to.

The advantages of using a questionnaire is that it allows information that is up to date and from a wide range of people to be collected in real time so that we can know what the reasons for liking the genre are from the present day. Also it allows us to interact with people so that we can personally find out their views on the genre.

The disadvantages of using a questionnaire is that the people that answer the questions we have created could be lying about their views and the answers they put down, meaning that the answers won’t be as trustworthy and helpful if the person doesn’t answer the questions honestly. Also, the person could just not answer the questionnaire at all, meaning that a questionnaire is wasted and no data is collected from them.

Primary Research: Focus Group.

For this piece of research, I gathered a group of four people between the ages of 12 and 62 to ask five questions about the Sci-Fi genre. These five questions were to do with what they like and why they like the genre and also to find out what films they consider to be classics. To conduct this research, I gathered and sat down with my selected interviewees, then I proceed to ask them each of the questions, whilst taking note of each answer that they gave me, to which I wrote up as a piece of work later on.

The advantages of focus groups and interviews are that it allows you to interact and personally ask the questions that you want to, whilst getting truthful answers by the people as you are sat with them hearing their points that they are making. Also it allows for a group of different people to see what they like about it compared to someone who is a different age for example.

The disadvantages are that they could still lie about what their views are but they would have to hide the fact that they are lying from you. Another disadvantage is that the results they give you could are biased to their views and don’t show the views of a large majority of people. Also, though it is easy to gather a group of people to interview, it is often expensive if the people are given something for participating in the interview.

Secondary research: Internet research based.

In this individual secondary research, I decided to continue researching about the Sci-Fi film genre, as this is personally my favourite genre of films. The main aim of this piece of research was to discover how the Sci-Fi genre fits in with the rest of the genres on the box office, finding out things such as how much gross the genre makes with films on a scale with the other genres, what the highest grossing Sci-Fi films are of all time and also to find out how these Sci-Fi films have done on the all time box office when put up against other genres. The research was successful in finding out what these things, with surprising discoveries being made about the genre as a whole and how it contends with the other genres of films. I also did some research into the typical codes and conventions of the Sci-Fi genre. This too was effective research as it allowed me to right a small report on these typical codes and conventions that are often displayed in films of the Genre. To conduct all this research, I used a variety of internet websites that I linked at the bottom of each piece of work I produced.

I think that overall this secondary research I made was effective in finding out the information I wanted, using a selection of sources to give me different information on the subject. All the sources I used were relevant to the research task I was undergoing, but I think I should have made better use of the sources and studied them a little bit more.

The advantages of using the internet as a secondary source is that it allows a large amount of data and information to be accessed on the specific points that i wanted to research, making it easier for me to gather this together and write a piece about it. Also there is a lot of information that has already been gathered so it saves vital time conducting the research as a primary source, meaning that i would have to conduct all the research myself.

The disadvantages of using the internet as a secondary source is that the information that is stored on websites may not be up to date so the information that you find could be out-dated by an amount of years, meaning that the information that you use could be irrelevant. Also the information that is displayed on the internet could be fake and made up, meaning you are using an un-related and untrustworthy source for your research, meaning that the work becomes irrelevant to what your trying to research.


Although I think that the research project I conducted was effective to what I wanted to find out, I could make a few improvements if I was to do this project again. One improvement would be that I would word the questionnaire a little better than I did as it was a little bit confusing, and I would also add some sort of order to the questions to make sure that the first question relates to the second, and then that relates to the third question and so on. This would give it a better structure and flow of questions, whilst also making it easy to understand. Another improvement I would make is to use the secondary research websites I used a little more effectively so that I can gain all the relevant information from each source. I think if I was to do this project again, I would maybe ask the focus group more questions than five because that would gather more of their views to use. Apart from these points I made, I wouldn’t change anything else about the research project as I think I made some successful and positive research that is relevant and effective.


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