MB Blog 2-Mind Maps, Planning Questions and Client Proposal

Mind maps

These are the original mind maps that we created as a group to gather information and ideas of what we need to use for this project. These mind maps helped us to refine our questions we collected as a group to send to the people at SUFC we are working for, and they eventually answered the questions we had.

Picture2 (2) Picture1 (2) Picture1.

Planning Questions and Client proposal

Picture3 (2)

These are the questions we created together as a group. We made these questions based on the mind maps that were created previously and also the initial ideas that we came up with at the start. Once sent off to SUFC, they returned with the answers highlighted in red. These answers helped us to understand more about what we are doing on this project, and means that we are able to progress on to the next part of the project that we need to do.


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