Focus Group-Sci-Fi


I conducted a small focus group. I decided I would like to know what different aged people thought about the genre so I gathered a group with ages between 12 to 62. These chosen people showed interest in the genre of Sci-Fi and agreed that they would call it their favourite genre. This is a summary of what they answered to the six questions I asked.

Q1. What is it that you like about the genre of Sci-Fi?

Person 1-I think it is mostly likely the fact that films that are Sci-Fi have a good storyline to them and they hook the audience in and grips them to watching that film.

Person 2-Yeah but the storyline only works with great and creative characters that are either dark and scary if they are the villains or smart and good looking, and also slightly humorous to add a lighter feel to them.

Person 3- I like the special effects that the Sci-Fi films include in them because they are usually expensive effects that make it seem more realistic that the film is set in another time or in space or on another planet, and if that is shown, it makes it more entertaining and believable.

Person 4- I enjoy everything to do with Sci-Fi. I love the characters and the other times and planets they show and the way that all the things in them are amazing.

Q2. What do you feel lets down the Sci-Fi genre?

Person 1- If the film is not made properly, it loses the way that it can be believed. If it is a badly made film, this shows and effects how the audience believes that the setting and characters are real.

Person 2- If the special effects are not added and used in the film properly, this effects the believability of the film as person 1 said, but sometimes its let down by an overuse of effects and this then makes the film seem just as made up as it actually is.

Person 3- I think that if it is a sequel being made, such as the Star Wars 1-3 episodes, it has a hard expectation to live up to if the old films did well in there time, and often with these types of sequels and reboots, they let down the original films that were made before them because they don’t live up to the standard the other films had set.

Person 4- I don’t like it if characters are stupid in the films because Sci-Fi characters are typically smart and in some films they can be portrayed as dumb people, which can be a result of bad actors playing them.

Q3. What Sci-Fi films are classics to you? Why are they classics?

Person 1- Star wars the original saga, Ghost busters, Superman, because they all show the best special effects for what could be achieved at the time. They also have a large amount of fans so this helps them to be called classics in the Sci-Fi history.

Person 2- Star Wars as said, Ghost busters, Back To The Future, Because they all show other times, worlds and places and, although the effects wouldn’t be called the best in recent years, they showed the best of what effects could be achieved at the time they were released.

Person 3- That’s a tough question, there’s to many to name, but there classics to me because of their special effects and storyline’s as well as the characters that are featured in them.

Person 4- All of them, well Back To The Future, Ghost busters and Star Wars because they are classics that were around before me so that’s why there classic films to me.

Q4. What do you think is one of the worst Sci-Fi film that you have ever seen?

Person 1- Star Wars episode 1-3, definitely.

Person 2- Yep, definitely Star Wars 1-3, although I didn’t like Avatar either.

Person 3- I wasn’t keen on Avatar either.

Person 4- Of course Star Wars 1-3, they were terrible.

Q5. Do you think that the Sci-Fi genre is evolving?

Person 1- Id say that it is evolving in terms of story and special effects as new ideas are being perused and new technology allows more better effects to be made but they are still the same if you compare them with the typical classic films.

Person 2- There evolving in terms of better effects being added to make the worlds and characters seem more realistic but they are just the same as they have been and always will be.

Person 3- The concept of the story and characters are ever changing and technology has advanced to make better and more realistic effects but they are just the same as always, especially if they are part of a classic franchise, like Star Wars, although the prequels films let down the originals.

Person 4- There’s better effects and more realistic things in films now but, although I’m so young, I prefer the old film effects to those of today, although today’s effects are made better.

Q6. What films that are coming out in the recent future are you looking forward to?

Person 1- Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Person 2- Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but Batman V Superman if that counts.

Person 3- Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Person 4-  Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Batman V Superman.


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