The Meeting Project-Individual Ideas


This is my first individual idea that I came up with for this project.

There is a young man who has been mute since birth and is always getting bullied for being the geeky and quiet kid that he is and every time he gets more upset and falls in to a state of depression after a while. After a while of staying in the depressed state without being able to tell anybody about it and as the bullying picks up more and more, he decides its time to end it all. After setting his goodbyes to send to the few people who mean something to him after he’s gone, he sets out to the quiet room he planned on the third floor of a building that no one uses at lunch time. Once up their, he sits alone and waits as he planned. Once the time had come, he began to start the way he wanted to end, by using his favourite scarf to finish him. As he sit there with the scarf around his neck, one of his close friends had received the message earlier than scheduled and ran in to him. They pull the scarf from him as tears fall from his eyes and they keep him in his arms to comfort him.

This is my initial idea that contains little or no dialogue at all. This means that the video footage will be the only thing that describes the thoughts and feelings of the character as he goes through his problem. I do realise that this is a dark idea with a mature theme but i think this will be effective and dramatic, whilst working as a serious message about depression, bullying and suicide in the end.

This is my second individual idea that i came up with.

A kid with a fear of the dark and has had it for many years always feels eyes on him in the shadows. He feels the eyes everywhere the shadows are and they are always following him. Whilst he’s working late in college, He feels the eyes coming from all shadows of the room. The lights flicker and all light leaves the room, plunging him into darkness. He panics and feels the shadows coming closer, the eyes moving behind him, stabbing his back like daggers, The breath of the shadow down his neck. He stands, paralysed with fear as the shadow takes one final breath before they both look eye to eye, and he sees that the shadow is actually the dark side of him.

Conclusion and side note.

Most ideas and plots i write contain this mature and dark themes as these are what i find are the most interesting themes to write about, especially when they deal with different issues affecting society in the world. I also have many other ideas that revolve around the theme of darkness and shadows as this is something i find interesting to write about. I do also write more happy but still dark themes sometimes.


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