A Summary Of Different Formats Used To Distribute Films


There are many different formats to distribute films, both legal and illegal. Most people use the legal forms to watch films that are out on the media but some don’t and prefer to use illegal apps such as Showbox to watch films that have recently entered the cinemas or have been released in America but not yet in England. YouTube can also be used to stream illegally downloaded movies to the audience over the internet or through the YouTube app as their are billions of videos posted each day and a percentage of these are films that have been downloaded to watch illegally.

The legal ways  that most people use to watch films are on DVD’s and Blu-Ray’s that are purchased in the shops or through online shopping. Also most Movie distributors tend to use the cinema as a way to first distribute their films to the audience and then see the audiences reaction and decide whether they should release a DVD version in the near future, so the audience can own the film for themselves. A various amount of websites and services allow for films to be streamed directly to the audience on their compatible devices, such as Netflix allows for films and TV shows to be streamed directly to the audiences internet or app on a laptop, Mobile or Tablet device, or games console with the app. Other films such as short independent films that last for around one minute to thirty minutes can be streamed through websites such as Short Of The Week, that allows creators to post short movies to the site for the audience to view. One of the final ways films can be distributed is through digital downloads through websites such as Blinkbox, which allows the audience to own a digital copy of the film on an account that they can then watch over the internet on the website or by using an app on their compatible devices. Other digital download sits such as Google Play, allow the film to be purchased and then played through YouTube once it has been purchased.


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