MB Blog 1-Planning


Original ideas

These are the original notes and ideas that we came up with as a group at the start of the project. These ideas are what influenced our mind maps and questions in the next section

  • Filming resolution -1920 x 1080
  • United screen – 640 x 384
  • Player position and number
  • Football logo
  • Go pro, 360 degree of empty stadium
  • Pre-recorded footage of audience as the background
  • Variety of head and eye shots
  • Walk in/entrance shot
  • Shirt sponsor needs to be shown
  • Individual sponsors to be shown somewhere
  • Celebration dance/stance
  • Name in banner with number next to it
  • Walk towards the camera, arms behind back
  • Head bowed, look up
  • Do a paper sign for each player
  • Marker on floor

Digital Sketch Plan


This is a digital mock of the layout of the green screen and equipment when filming. Some lights have been added as extra’s incase they are needed when filming the players, for example to help remove any shadows created on the green screen as these will be hard to edit in post-production. The player has also been diagrammed showing the direction that they will move towards the camera, starting a few steps in front of the green screen and then taking three steps forward to face the camera.

Mood board


This is a moodboard containing the initial ideas I pulled together before starting the project. I researched into the current players that are working at the football team so that I had an idea of who the players that were going to be filmed are and the number and position they are within the team. I also looked into other examples of player walkthroughs that have been used before to get an idea of the way the players can move and walk towards the camera on the green screen. I decided it would be good to add in the football club logo to the video somewhere so I found an example image of the logo that the football club uses. I then looked for an image of the football ground, which i found on the website, that could be used as an example background for the player once the green screen is removed. I also created two boxes showing the red and white colours of the logo that could be mixed to create a static colour background for the player. I also did some research into a font that would be a good idea to use, these were big and visible so that it would show on their low resolution screen. These fonts were, ‘Impact’, ‘Agency FB’ in bold, ‘Arial Black’ in bold and ‘Aharoni’ in bold.

Source: [http://www.sufc.co.uk/]


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