MB Blog 3- Practical Practice With Camera’s And Lighting.

This is the final practice video that was created.

Filming with Camera’s

For this project we practiced with filming and cameras by using our ideas that we generated for the way that the players were to walk on the SUFC project. We decided it would be best to make sure we had some ideas of how to film and use the camera properly and effectively whilst also having some ideas of how we want the players to move when they are being filmed. In this practice we set up the camera on the tripod safely and securely and set it so that the whole green screen fitted to the frame. Once everything was set up we proceed to the filming stage of our trial. We got our subject to walk out to the camera in a variety of different ways and styles, combining ideas of close up eyes shots, walking out to face the camera in different ways and also standing still but slowly looking up at the camera. We kept each recording we made so that we could decided which footage we would use in post-production.

Lighting Practice

Another thing we had to plan is how we were to light the green screen whilst we were filming. We decided to set up another test run using lighting as well as re-testing the filming. To make sure we used the equipment correctly, we first had a walk through of the equipment before we began using it. As we did a number of test runs, using lights in different positions, we realized that their was a shadow on the green screen that would make it difficult to edit out in post production. This shadow was made by the key light shining onto the person, and leaving a shadow behind him. We began to use more lights to see if we could remove these shadows from behind the person but the lights weren’t strong enough to clear the shadows with lights. We weren’t able to solve this problem so this is something we will have to still work out, either in the filming stage or the post production stage.


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