Sci-Fi Survey Evaluation.


We conducted a survey to gather quantitative data about the genre of Sci-Fi films in which we asked to the rest of the group. From this survey we found  a number of different information about peoples views and likes from this genre. This showed to us what the young people like about this specific genre. This is a summary of the results.

Q1. Age?
0-15=0  16-18=6  19-29=2  30+=0

Q2. Gender?
Male=4  Female=4  Other=0

Q3. Occupation?
Sales assistant=1  Subway=1  Student=6

Q4. Would you class Sci-Fi films as your favourite genre?
Yes=4  No=3  Maybe=1

Q5. What is it that you like about the Sci-Fi genre?
Everything=2  Special effects=2  Unrealistic element=1  Story and FX=1  Interesting and creative=2

Q6. What is your favourite Sci-Fi films?
Star Trek Into Darkness=2  None=1  Star wars=1  Dark Star=1  Alien=1  The Thing=1  Back To The Future=1  All=2      Guardians of the galaxy=1

Q7. What do you class as a classic Sci-Fi films?
Aliens=2  Back To The Future=1  Star Wars=4  Star Trek=2  Jurassic Park=1

Q8. What sub-genre of Sci-Fi can you think of?
Sci-Fi/Fantasy=2  Space Opera=1  None=2  Sci-Fi/Horror=1  Marvel/DC=2

Q9. What sub-genre of Sci-Fi do you like?
Action=1  All=1  None=4  Sci-Fi/Horror=1  Sci-Fi/Fantasy=1

Q10. What’s your least favorite Sci-Fi film?
All=1  None=3  Sharknado=1  Guardians Of The Galaxy=1  Star Wars 1-3=1 Pitch Black=1

Q11. What do you not like to see in Sci-Fi films?
None=3  Old Things=1  Boring Things=2  Bad Effects=2

Q12. How do you watch Sci-Fi films?
Home=2  Cinema=2  Netflix=2  Tablet=1  Don’t=1  All=1  Showbox=1

Q13. How often do you watch Sci-Fi films?
Rarely=2  Every few months=1  Every few weeks=2  Every week=3

Q14. What new Sci-Fi films are you looking forward too?
Star Wars The Force Awakens=4  Deadpool=1  BatmanVSuperman=1  None=2  Don’t Know=1

Q15. What Sci-Fi films should you have seen but haven’t yet?
Amazing Spiderman 2=1  Riddick=1  Seen them all=1  Don’t Know=1  None=4

From this short survey, we can conclude that the Sci-Fi Genre is most popular for students between 16-18 year olds, with the exception of two of the 19-20 year olds that carried out the survey. We had an even split of gender between these, with four being Male and four being female, giving us a fair rage of answers by both genders.  Out of the eight participants, four people said that they would class the genre of Sci-Fi as their favorite genre across the range, whilst three said that they wouldn’t class the genre as their favorite and one person said that they maybe would class it as their favorite but they didn’t know. When asked about what they like about the genre, the most answers where the special effects are excellent and they have a good story to them. Others said that they enjoy them for the unrealistic element and the creativity and others said they enjoyed everything about them and that’s why its their favorite genre.The Sci-Fi films that appeared to be favorites of the participants were Star Trek Into Darkness, Star Wars, Dark Star, Alien, The Thing, Back To The Future and Guardians Of The Galaxy, as well as two people saying all films are their favorite and one saying none are their favorite. In the overall genre of Sci-Fi, there are many sub-genres of the genre, the people responded by saying they mostly know the Sci-Fi/Fantasy, Space Opera, Sci-Fi/Horror, Marvel/DC and others said they couldn’t think of any. When asked what sub- genre of Sci-Fi they like, the most popular selection was none, but some said Action, Sci-Fi/Horror and Sci-Fi fantasy. The survey also asked what their favourite Sci-Fi films are, the responses they gave were Sharknado, Guardians Of The Galaxy, Star Wars 1-3 and Pitch Black, whilst one person said all, and three people said they didn’t dislike any Sci-Fi films. The next question asked what the people didn’t like to see in Sci-Fi films and their responses were that they didn’t like to see old and boring things and bad effects and story lines in the films, whilst three other people said they didn’t mind anything in the films. The questionnaire asked what platform they tend to watch Sci-Fi films on, most said either at Home, At the Cinema or On Netflix but also on Tablets, show box or all the platforms, whilst one person doesn’t watch any. Most of the people asked said that they tended to watch Sci-Fi films every week, although some watch them every few weeks, every few months and two people said they rarely watch them at all. Out of the recent films that are coming out soon, the most popular film that’s coming soon is Star Wars- The Force Awakens, whilst some of the others said Deadpool, BatmanVSuperman, whilst others said they don’t know and two said they aren’t looking forward to any. The final question asked what films they need to see but haven’t yet, the most popular option was none but amazing spiderman 2, Riddick and one person has seen them all, but one person said they didn’t know what they needed to watch.


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