Research Of In Camera Effects- The Hipster Mexican Vine

Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 11.02.21

This finished product was an introduction to the use of the cameras and how they work. We created a Vine to test our newly learned skills on the cameras and also of the in camera effects we had learnt.

In this vine, it starts off with two characters talking where one asks about the Hipster Mexican and the other doesn’t understand and the Hipster Mexican appears behind them as they slowly turn to him with scared expressions.

The in camera effect was purely the camera being stopped half way through and the two actors staying frozen whilst the Mexican moves in behind them to then carry on the recording to give the illusion that the Hipster Mexican had magically appeared out of nowhere behind them.

On the finished product, we made some last minute edits. We altered the colour of the video for the first part to black and white, this made the video seem like one of the old style silent movies as the audio wouldn’t work on the video, resulting in us adding captions to subtitle the speech that the video shows but isn’t able to be heard. We also removed the black and white filter and raised the contrast on the second part of the video so it had a different effect on the viewer than the first part did. We then added two different styles of music over the top of the video. The first music sounds more causal and normal whilst the second music is more up beat to show the Hipster Mexicans appereance.

As a team we all made a contribution to the making of the video. As well as the acting by 3 people and camera work by one person, we all made an effort in the decisions on the final editing, making sure we all liked how the video was edited. We worked together well and made sure we were all comfortable working together with the style we were using. We were able to show our understanding of in camera effects as a team and also we were able to show our first signs of out creative abilities.


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