Research Of In Camera Effect And Zach King Vines.

Forced Perspective

Forced-Perspective-Photography-2.jpg.pagespeed.ce.dBGMEcCnVJ Setting-up-Humvee-2-6.16.9

Forced Perspective is an optical illusion that can make an object appear closer, bigger, smaller and further away than it really is. This technique is used to give the illusion that something far away, such as a plane in the sky, can be held or grabbed by something closer to the camera so that it appears smaller than it was original seen. Another example of this would be if something such as an object was closer to the camera lens and something such as a person was far away to give the illusion the small object was larger than the opposing person or object that was further away. To make this illusion, it requires a deep depth of field and a wider lens.

This vine uses Forced Perspective as well as Stop Motion to make the illusion that the cloud is edible.

This is used in the vine as the cloud is far away but he grabs a piece of it and eats it, making it appear closer to the person rather than the real distance it is. Using this technique allows for the illusion of the cloud being within reach so that it can be picked off and eaten. Stop Motion is used so that the cloud can be in his hand and then be eaten. This is done by pausing the camera at the point where he grabs it and then the person would stay in the same position whilst someone else hands him the part of the cloud. After this, the camera is played once again so that it appears he has grabbed the cloud and it is now in his hand to eat. The part of the cloud that is taken is then edited out and appears to be gone, all three techniques creating the illusion that the part of the cloud has been taken from the rest and eaten by the person.


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